Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2002

Thai Tales

I have to say from the outset that I have had a lot of experience in Thailand and had been there many times before the story I am about to retell.

I arrived Thailand in July of 2001 (trip number 34) and decided to stay for a couple of days in Bangkok. I was drinking at one of my favourite outside beer bars located in front of Soi Cowboy where I met this very attractive lady who I took a great shining to. Being already committed to see another lady that night I decided to wait until the next day and come back and see her then.

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Well the next day I went back and this woman wasn’t there so I was a bit taken aback but being really horny at the time I decided to take this other lady out. She was not the best looking girl I ever went with but her English was really good and she was keen so I decided to short time her. Well I have to say that I was really impressed with her abilities and she was heaps of fun and a mine of information and incredibly keen. So I decided to ask her to stay the night which she did. The next day I was due to go to Pattaya with one of my mates. He called me up in the morning and we decided to leave around lunch time. I was so smitten by lets call her Lek that I told my mate that I was going to ask her to come with us. He wasn’t too impressed but I just couldn't help myself. When I asked her she was over the moon and said she would love to and didn’t want any money and that she was just happy to get out of the bar and have a break.

Well off the 3 of us went to Pattaya and I had a great time and she was attentive to all my needs, didn’t drink much or smoke or ask for money just was content to have a great time. I had to leave after a week and go to Australia and said that I would see her in 3 weeks on my way back to The Middle East. Lek mailed me a number of times professing her undying love for me and I did likewise even though I knew deep down or not even that deep down that it was all a bit much too soon and bar girls are not to be trusted etc. but you see I really did like her and wanted to believe her. How many times have you heard this, and even I have said it myself but she was not like other bar girls. I truly liked her and I believe to this day that she did in fact like me a lot but…

I returned to Thailand after 3 weeks and met up with Lek and we went to Phuket and had a wonderful time together, even better than before. She told me how she wanted to get married and get out of the bar and do a course in computers. (She had previously been a uni student.) I thought this was very nice but I was 15 years older than her and it wouldn't work. She was adamant that we would be good together and you see I really did like her and wanted to believe her…

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Well it was time to return to work and after a tearful farewell at the airport it was off to the Middle East for me. The first couple of weeks were very depressing after such a great vacation and even more so thinking about my Lek. I have to say at this stage that even though I was smitten the nagging thoughts of “it would never work” and “she is a bargirl” and "what do you think she does for a job” etc. were always in the back of my mind but as I said before, she seemed to genuinely like me and this feeling you know when you have had girlfriends before cannot be faked or…

Nevertheless we mailed regularly and she promised to wait for me. She even rang me a couple of times which is really expensive for her and finally she announced that she had quit the bar and she was working in a computer business and this would be better for me as she couldn't take customers after being with me as her heart was with me. Well I just decided to see what would happen on my next trip back to Thailand. After a couple of months the mails started to tail off a bit and then I suddenly got one after a break of over a week but there was an attachment with this one. It was a mail to a guy in the US which read very much the same as my mails e.g. darling, I love you, miss you, come Thailand soon etc. Well I had to laugh at her naivety but at the same time I was not to happy even though I should have expected it. It still comes as a blow. I decided not to mention anything about it for the time being and wait and see what happened. After a couple more mails I got what turned out to be a real bombshell. It was a mail with her address written by a guy. The guts of this mail were that 2 weeks previously Lek and him got married and that this mail had been circulated to the 6 guys she had been mailing regularly and that this would be the last mail and that they were happy and not to be disturbed. Well I was, I have to say, very surprised!!! I should have known better but when you like or love well you know.

The story might've ended there but you see I didn’t want to let it go without contacting her again. I tried to mail and telephone but this guy, her husband was pretty smart as he got rid of any available means of contacting her.

Four months later I am back in Bangkok in the bar where I met Lek and I am talking to one of the girls and mention Lek's name. Well this girl tells me that she has seen Lek once or twice and that she had told her that she didn’t really love her husband but that he had heaps of money and she had to do it for the family and further that in fact she had told her that she really loved me but that now it was impossible. She did however have a contact number for Lek. I tried to call her but unfortunately was not able to contact her. I did manage to get a hold of her sister who told me in no uncertain terms not to call again because I had caused all sorts of problems when Lek had tried to contact me unsuccessfully I might add on a couple of occasions and got caught by the husband, presumably threatening their income!

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That is the end of my story except for one other little thing that I have found out only recently. Remember when I first went to Pattaya with Lek and one of my mates. Well that mate has recently revealed that when I went shopping one afternoon he just couldn't help himself so he snuck up to my room and shagged my beloved Lek!!!

Stickman says:

There are a lot of "Leks" around. I'm amazed that even the older, less attractive bargirls still have a few guys on the go…. One guy once said to me "Oh, I am not worried, she really is not that pleasant on the eye so no-one else will want her". Think again!

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