Stickman Readers' Submissions May 17th, 2002

Poem For A Sad Bargirl

Another 'trick', another dime

In the morning I'll feel fine?
So why do the tears keep falling
All the time?

I am like a puppet from mime
Numbing my true emotions
With vodka and lime
You want short or long time?

He Clinic Bangkok

Your breath smells sour
I'm glad your only renting an hour
Your body odour has to be believed
With a sweaty dick that must be relieved

Now I have to clean up the mess
You fat farangs give me so much stress
Do you ever wash?
I cover my ears 'coz you're talkin' tosh

Thai ladies stare at me in the street
You'd think I have three feet
Not just a fat farang
Wanting to show me his meat

CBD bangkok

In their eyes I am the lowest of the low
Walking with a fat farang
Dying for a blow
Job that pays well

My life is really hell
Often I don't feel well
Then the boyfriend gives me a 'fix'
To get me ready for the next few 'tricks'

He wants a new motorcycle
I'm the real bike
If I argue
He tells me to take a hike

One day I'll get away
Find my own paradise
No more fat farangs
With wads of money to pay

wonderland clinic

My only escape is in my mind
The world is full of pimps and mamasans you'll find
Taking their cut of the action
If only I could find a nice farang who is kind

If I refuse
You won't believe the reaction
A slap in the face at best
They like putting this little bar girl to the test

They want my loyalty
Don't you see?
I only get a fraction
Of the illegal transaction

Back to my one room
With a bulb without a shade
My looks are beginning to fade
Perhaps I'll die soon

I'm your happy bar girl
Without a care in the World
Around that silver post I'll twirl
Happy not sad I'll soon make you glad

Cannot Lose face ‘coz is such disgrace
Too many girls now chasing the bread and honey
Get some money maybe my life will be sunny
Cheer up handsome man I can be funny

In my filthy room
I now feel bad
Nobody to cuddle me
When I feel so much gloom

I'm lying in a heap
On a flea ridden mattress
Talking to Mr Cockroach
Coz I cannot sleep

Another 'trick', another dime
In the morning I'll feel fine?
So why do the tears keep falling
All the time?

Stickman says:

It might be a bit dark, but for many girls this is how it is.

nana plaza