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Stickman Readers' Submissions May 17th, 2002

Fresh From The Farm

(A Tale of four girlfriends)

Anonymous Submission

I first visited the LOS in 1982 and have been fortunate in that I have been able to keep returning several times a year. I have not been immune to the charms of Thai women, but I think that I have been able to keep my experiences in perspective, maybe because I was a 35 year old family man when I first visited Thailand. I still enjoy being married, playing with the grandchildren, and visiting the LOS.

Free Party at Cloud nine

I have the most fun with a fresh, innocent, inexperienced girl although it has become increasingly difficult to find such a girl. Sometimes I wonder if there are still innocent girls just beginning work like the girl from Soi Cowboy I barfined many years ago. I walked her back to my hotel and pushed the button for the elevator, and when it arrived stepped inside. The girl followed me with wide eyes and almost collapsed in fright when the door closed and the elevator started to move. Yes, many bargirls were really fresh from the farm in those days. There was no short time / long time distinction (the girls always stayed all night). There were no price negotiations (the girls hardly spoke any English); you merely placed some baht in the girl’s purse after breakfast the next day. The girl would not even look in her purse until she had left you.

Now if I find a reasonably attractive new girl with a good attitude I will spend money somewhat lavishly because I love the look on her face when I share new experiences with her, e.g. a first airplane trip, a speedboat ride, or a scuba dive. It reminds me of the look on a young child’s face on his or her first visit to Disneyland. I have gotten to know about ten such girls well over the last few years, but almost all of them found a Western husband in a few months and are no longer available (Swedes seem to be the most common partner). Obviously, a lot of middle-aged men are also attracted to the type of girl that I like, but, like Stickman, I have serious doubts about the wisdom of marriages with bargirls.

A few months ago, I began my search early in the evening at Nana Plaza where I sat at an open-air bar and watched the girls arrive. Most girls still wai the Buddha at the entrance and / or make a small offering. But many girls ignore the shrine and many now dress and act like bargirls. (I know they are ALL bargirls, but I only want a GFE (girlfriend experience) with a girl that does not look and act like a bargirl.) I also have noticed that there are now a large number of unattractive girls working in the bars, a fact commented upon by others. However, there are still some gems waiting to be discovered based on my recent experiences.

After a few drinks I moved to the second floor of Nana where I let a “hello girl” pull me into one of the smaller bars. I will call her Flower (I later decided that she reminded me of a new blossom). All smiles outside the bar and while talking inside the bar, a different persona emerged when it was her turn to dance. From the expression on her face it was obvious that she hated dancing, and especially hated dancing topless. I could understand her hesitancy since she was quite slight of build and was very small breasted. I told Flower that she would not attract customers if she looked so sad when she danced. Flower introduced me to her friend, who I will call Noi, and Noi said she had also tried to tell Flower to smile and look happy when she was dancing. Noi had worked at the bar for two years, and was from the same Isaan village as Flower. Noi did not appeal to me at all (she was way too hardened to the bar life for my taste), but she was apparently quite popular with the customers and was helping Flower adjust to the bar scene and trying to protect her from the undesirable customers. In fact, Noi had talked Flower into coming to Bangkok and share her apartment. Of course I was sceptical when Flower told me that she had only been working for two weeks, but later developments made me believe that she was telling the truth.

In a way I felt a little sorry for Flower as I did not think many customers would take the time to understand her “inner beauty”, so I barfined her and after some food and drinks we made our way back to my mainstream hotel a few sois away. (No problem with girls in this hotel, and no extra charges since I always book for two people on the internet which costs the same as one person. Plus you get two breakfast coupons.) I had asked Flower how old she was and she told me that she was twenty two. I was somewhat worried that she might be younger since she was so small and undeveloped, and I had no desire to be with an underage girl. Anyway, I forgot about my concerns and moved on to more urgent matters, but Flower seemed truly inexperienced that night in bed. The next morning I awoke in the usual male state of morning arousal and approached Flower who seemed shocked. “But it’s morning” she said, “What are you doing?” After showing her what I was doing, I decided to ask Flower a few questions. Didn’t Noi tell you about what men are like in the morning? “No, Noi only goes short time; she goes back to bar after she takes care of her first customer and finds a second customer and maybe even a third customer and then she goes home”. Flower said that I was only her second customer ever, and that her first customer was a couple who took her to a hotel by the airport but never made love with her. She said that this couple both were older like me so she thought that I also just wanted company. (“Older” hurt but she did say that I was much more handsome then her other customer!) I also noticed that Flower had no cellphone and I was beginning to believe that she really was a new girl. After breakfast, I told Flower that I had no baht to give her but would change some money and see her at the bar that night. She did not protest, giving further credence to my opinion that she was inexperienced.

That night I again barfined Flower. The lovemaking was a little more inspired, but Flower surprised me about midnight and said that she was leaving to go see her friends. I was disappointed (I was starting to like her), but I gave her enough baht for two long times and she left. About two hours later I hear a big commotion in the hallway and someone knocking on doors. I open my door and there are Flower, Noi and another girl from the bar. “I forgot the room number, I miss you and come back”. At least they brought beer, wine coolers and food. Flower stayed the night while the other two girls left after an hour.

The next morning I told Flower that I wanted to see her ID. She protested, but I grabbed it and learned that she was 29 (I understand the Thai calendar). I asked her why she lied to me and she said that Noi told her that all the customers only want a girl 18 to 22 years old, so she lied and now she is very sad because she really likes me and knows that I will send her away. She can hardly believe it when I explain that I was concerned only that she might be underage and do not feel that a women of 29 is too old for me (my daughter is 31!) In response to another question, she told me that she was in an arranged marriage for one week when she was 21 and has not had a boyfriend since that time and had only been working on her parent’s farm in Isaan. We spend the day together and I barfined Flower again that night (the mamasan was very happy to see her new girl get barfined). We talk about the bar, and Flower says she knows that she is not the type of girl that can be happy or make much money working in the bar so she will go home at the end of the month when she collects her salary. I agree to email her every week and she agrees to reply monthly as she has to travel one hour to use an internet cafe. I buy her a small necklace, but she does not ask for money. She will not let me buy her any clothes.

The next day I leave the LOS and for the next few months have an email relationship with Flower. She soon tells me that she has returned to the bar life in Bangkok as her mother is sick and she needs money for the family. Later Flower tells me that she has quit the bar and is again living with her family in Isaan. When I am set to return to LOS, I email Flower and she says it will be hard but she will come meet me in Bangkok. I arrive a day early and look in her former bar, but she is not there. This seems like a good sign. The next morning she calls me at my hotel and an hour later she is there. She says that she had no money so she worked in the local rice factory for 10 days for 100 baht per day to get some money for the trip. She shows me her hands, which are obviously bruised from some type of manual labor.

We have dinner with Noi who is still working in the bar but who now has a farang boyfriend and may soon be leaving the bar. During the day we sight see or swim in the hotel pool. The second night Flower says she wants to go to her former bar. I ask why. She says that two of her lifelong friends from her village came with her on the bus from Udon and will start work tonight, and she wants to see them and they want to meet me. She tells me that one girl is 22 and tall but has only had one Thai boyfriend; the other girl is 25 and short and has never made love with anyone. I am sceptical of course and say that if this latter friend is truly a virgin then she must be desperately poor to want work in a bar. Flower replies that this friend is from the only rich family in her village, but that she is bored with her strict parents and life in the village; she wants to meet people, have fun, and buy clothes and makeup.

That night we go to the bar early and meet her friends. The tall friend is a quite striking girl who always seems to have an enigmatic expression on her face. I will call her Puzzle. The short friend is a very light-skinned round-faced girl who wears a constant smile – I will call her Pumpkin after the American jack-o-lantern. We are all together at the bar for a couple of hours during which time I watch Pumpkin and Puzzle dance topless. I also notice some drunk overweight man eyeing Pumpkin and the possibility that she might really be a virgin and be barfined by him convinces me to barfine both Pumpkin and Puzzle. On the way back to my hotel, we buy drinks and snacks (including the fried insects Thai like so well). We have a drink in the lobby bar where I enjoy the envious looks of the middle-aged married men and “endure” the daggers from the eyes of their wives. For some reason, I really enjoy such attention. We all approach the elevator to my room and the security guard comes over and asks to check my hotel ID. He says I have a room for two people only, but I tell him the room has a king-sized bed, so no problem. The elevator opens, and the four of us get in and leave the puzzled security guard behind.

After an hour of drinking and eating, I take a shower and return to find that Puzzle and Pumpkin have left. I ask Flower what happened, and she says that her friends will go home now and she and I will be together. Don’t they like me, I ask. “Yes, they like you and want you to be their teacher and show them how to take care of customers, but I ask them to leave. You are not happy?”, Flower asks. “NO, I say, please go get Puzzle and Pumpkin.” Flower leaves and finds her friends in the lobby and they all come back. My vision of a once-in-lifetime night is revived. Puzzle and Pumpkin take turns in the shower and come into the bed. Flower takes a shower, but goes and sits on a big chair in the room. For the next few hours, I enjoy being with both Pumpkin and Puzzle. I am shocked to discover that Pumpkin was indeed a virgin. I must be getting old; I have to admit that I had forgotten what it is like to be with a virgin. Puzzle talks to Flower from the bed and tells her that I am a good teacher and she is learning new things. Flower is quiet. Pumpkin is hurting and does not talk and for the first time the smile leaves her face but it quickly returns. Finally, I look over at Flower who I have asked several times to join us, and see that she is lying on the chair with a towel over her head. Later I notice that Flower is sobbing. I instantly become sober and feel like real scum, and I ask Puzzle and Pumpkin to leave. I coax Flower into bed, but she feels like a sack of cement. For two hours I sweet talk and apologize to Flower. I tell her that I will not sleep with her friends again. Finally she relaxes a little bit and goes to sleep.

The next morning Flower calls her friends and Pumpkin and Puzzle come to the hotel about ten in the morning. Everybody seems quite happy. We see the snakes at the Red Cross anti-venom farm but I cannot coax them to sit in the front row (Thai girls seem to be especially fearful of snakes), and then go see an elephant show and crocodile wrestling. Puzzle and Pumpkin have their pictures taken with a crocodile as do Flower and me. That night I barfine both girls again, and we all go to Rainbow 2 to watch the dancing girls who dance nude at intervals. All three girls think that most of the dancing girls are very sexy, certainly a lot more sexy then they are. They are so wrong. Then I take them to one of the gross third floor bars; one with porno movies on the TVs, a lesbian show, and a show utilizing goldfish, frogs and balloons. I want them to know how bad things are in some bars. Flower can’t watch and goes outside but Pumpkin and Puzzle seem mesmerized.

That night after drinks and snacks in the hotel, Flower says that she will go to Noi’s apartment if I want Puzzle and Pumpkin to stay. I tell Flower that I will keep my promise and not sleep with her friends anymore so the friends leave. Flower is very passionate that night and wants me to teach her everything that she can do to make me happy. This agenda continues for a couple more days until I have to leave for a week on business. On the last afternoon I buy very nice gold necklaces for all three girls. I buy a plane ticket for Flower who I will drop off in Udon.

Flower has never been on an airplane, and clutches my arm tightly during the flight. When they serve a snack in a nicely decorated box, Flower does not eat anything but says she will take the box home to show her mother, who also has never been on an airplane, how they feed the passengers. I love this innocence. I tell Flower that I think Puzzle will like working in the bar, but that Pumpkin is not ready and I am worried about her. In fact, I gave Pumpkin some money at the airport and asked her to not go with customers until I return in one week. Flower and I part in Udon, but agree to meet a week later in Nong Khai.

A week later, Flower meets me at my hotel in Nong Khai. She is very happy to see me. By the way, she says, she talked to her friends and Pumpkin likes the bar and did not wait for you and has had four barfines; Puzzle hates the noisy music and leering men in the bar but has had two barfines. Pumpkin has further discovered that Japanese men like her very much and are willing to give her lots of baht in exchange for her short time company. I had planned to leave Flower and fly to Bangkok to see Pumpkin but since circumstances have changed and Flower really wants to come to Bangkok we both go to Udon to get a flight. Back in Bangkok I barfine Pumpkin and Puzzle, and yes, all three girls still have their necklaces. All of us eat and sight see together the next two days. But I only sleep with Flower. I want to be with Pumpkin and Puzzle, but the thought of Flower crying when I did that before is too much. I must be getting soft in the head.

Then I have to return home. I thought that Flower would return to Udon at the same time, but she says she wants to stay another day if possible. So I change her return ticket to Udon; Flower is with me at the travel agent and sees how easy it is to change her ticket. She tells me that she really really likes me and will be happy staying on the farm and seeing me every few months. I depart the airport with all three girls waving goodbye, while I enjoy the glances from the other departing passengers. None of the girls has ever asked me for any money.

Postscript: Five weeks later I am back in Bangkok. I am with my wife so do not have much freedom. However, I go by Nana and talk to Puzzle. She still hates the bar she says, but has to work at the bar as she is poor. I ask her about her necklace; she says that she does not usually wear it at work as she is afraid of it being stolen. I tell her I will come see her tomorrow; when I come she is wearing the necklace. I barfine her and set up an email account for her to use. I tell her that I am remaining faithful to Flower, and leave her after the email is working. I do not see Pumpkin again because she has met a Swedish man and no longer works at the bar; they are going to get married soon. Flower is reportedly still back at the farm.

Epilogue: I have been home for two months. Pumpkin is married and living in Sweden. I have not gotten an email from Flower for 7 weeks. Then I get an email from Flower telling me that she really likes me and is waiting on the family farm until I come to Thailand again. The next day I get an email from Puzzle telling me that Flower has married an Englishman and has moved to the U.K., but did not tell me because she did not want me to feel sad. When I confront Flower by email she confirms her marriage; she says that she jumped at her chance to have a normal family life like mine. I tell her that I understand and wish her nothing but the best. She says he is nice man like me; she didn’t tell me if he is more handsome then me! I hope he treats her well. Oh well, this bargirl game (and it is always a game on both sides) is over.

Soon I will be back in Bangkok; Puzzle wants to see me. She has moved to a new bar; I can only hope that the bar life has not damaged her yet.

Stickman says:

You can't blame the girls for getting married off. I have to wonder though abut the bit where you barfined the girl who was a virgin, purportedly to save her from someone else, but then only to indulge yourself. Highly bloody questionable…