Stickman Readers' Submissions March 13th, 2002

Thai Single Services User Guide

By Dare To Dream

I have spent the last year and a half checking out various Thai Dating services and my research is not yet complete, but upon reading a posted letter on the subject on your web site, I felt compelled to write this now in order to potentially save readers of your excellent web site from getting burned, or from paying large sums of money for nothing more than a flashy web site, and a very high priced date, with a lady who is not serious. As far as who owns and runs these sites I could care less because having any personal relationship with them is a conflict of interest for what I am trying to accomplish here, which is to create an un-biased as possible, and an objective review of these sites, and their services.

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If you are looking for a good Thai singles service and you are having a hard time choosing one, then do one thing first: LOOK AT THE BUSINESS MODEL OF THE SERVICE!!! Then engage the common sense, and reality portion of your "big brain". Flashy web sites with Thai super models may appeal to the "little brain" at the other end of your body, but your bank account will not be happy, and worse you may end up getting hurt as well. As part of my research I am going as far as having the real hot sister of a Thai friend in BKK check out the services from the lady end, to help identify bad business model sites, which rip you off. To date some even offered her "kickbacks" for every guy she went out with, not a good sign! Later I will publish my complete findings and evaluations when I am finished with this project, and married. Here are some helpful hints for now, to keep you from being ripped off and hurt.

Business model: I am using "Sweet Singles" as a prime example of a poor model, they are not the only service operating this way, and I do not mean to single them out (no pun intended!) But conflict of interest, is conflict of interest, and I would not use any service with this model. Here is my point; Lets say you use this kind of service, and you see a real hot lady on their web site, and you follow up with their service:

First you are locked into a membership system where you can never know the address of or phone number of your lady. This way you are dependent on "Sweet Singles" for everything, for which you will pay dearly with your credit card. If you want to write to her you pay a fee, if you want to meet her you pay hundreds of dollars, which will not be refunded if it does not work out. And to make things even worse you can only meet her at their office, using only their interpreter. You are not allowed to bring your own interpreter! Mmmm, do you smell a rat? This I am told is to prevent the lady from giving you her personal information directly if she is serious, and thus preventing the draining your credit card by the agency for "future services". Then every time you want to go out with her you pay even more money, $350.00 first dates! Or you have to sign up for a megabuck plan if you want to date her. In the unlikely event that you find a lady here and plan marriage, you then get hit with another $1000 fee. The plans offered here are confusing, but when I added up the fees charged using various plans and options, and combinations of services offered by this agency the amounts always total up to thousands of dollars by the time you get to marriage, given any realistic scenario. Go ahead if you do not believe me and click on this site with your calculator and notebook handy!

Here is the conflict with this kind of service: If they have a hot lady they will make much more money if the lady never gets married, and can be "recycled" for the next poor bastard who falls for this scam, and who fails to read the fine print, with a calculator handy. If the lady gets married they make a couple of grand, but for every time a man meets with her in Thailand, and that the relationship goes nowhere, Sweet Singles pockets five hundred to a thousand dollars. The math is a no brainer, and it clearly illustrates the definition of "conflict of interest. If they stock the site with hot ladies and recycle them it is easy for them, and they make loads of money, much more than if they lost their "cash lady" to marriage. This is more like the business model for high priced escort service, not a legitimate dating one. I also noticed girls on this site like Miss Thailand, even Thai movie stars, and professional models! Lets do a reality check, do you think these elite well off Thai ladies really want to marry a 40-60 year old farang? If you are thinking yes please, do yourself a favour and find a good therapist fast, or send me your money and I will be your personal mate finder for half the price! Always remember; the laws of common sense, and economics apply in Thailand, maybe even more so than in the US when it comes to money. So I highly recommend you avoid any singles service, which locks you into plans, and does not let you discover the name, address and complete identity of the lady for anything more than $50.00.

On the positive side there are several services I have used which I was very happy with. The ladies were real, they remove names within 24 hours of notification when things got serious. And they provide the same services as the other ones which have the rip off conflictual business model. The key to services provided is choices "if you want it only". The sites listed below allow you to purchase all the personal information on the lady if you want it, and thus there is no conflict, or plans to get locked into. They also offer additional services, but only if you want them. Remember the key to the initial evaluation of any site is their business model. In my research I have been honest with all the ladies involved, and none have been hurt or misled in the process. These singles services I have checked out using my "Consumer Reports Style" of testing, and reality checks, the ones which passed so far are:

1. : Nice site, honest non-conflictual business model, friendly prompt service, and great selection. A 5 Star Service, Highly Recommended!

2. : Nice site, same non-conflictual business model, great selection of ladies by age group. Highly recomended!

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3. Nice site, the ladies are real with no deception or conflict. This is a promising new site, which so far I am very happy with, but they stopped taking orders last week, I hope they get up and running again soon, check this site out. Also Recommended!

Some other sites had a good model, but I have seen the same ladies for 3 years with no updates, thus these were removed from consideration here. This information is subject to change so concentrate on the golden rule in the beginning: "The Business Model". Good luck and may your lady and you find each other, best wishes.

Stickman says:

This is a really good report. I have always maintained that a person running such a business could make an absolute fortune IF they did it right. I would love to run such a service…who knows, maybe in the future we'll see "Stick's Introductions"!

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