Stickman Readers' Submissions March 9th, 2002

First Trip To The Kingdom

By A Humble Young Man

When I arrived in Thailand early last month (Feb 02) I had only heard stories of wild sex and great parties. I came with six friends and three more were awaiting us in Bangkok, all of whom are teachers and regular travellers. All they talked about was how unbelievable the next three weeks would be. You see I am 20 years old and have lived in South Korea for the last year and a half (Army). I had no idea of how great the madness that was soon to follow would be.

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We landed in Bangkok at 9:30 on a Thursday night. My friends who were already in Bangkok had arranged for some beautiful Thai girls to hold up signs with our name written on them. That was the first sight of Thailand and to say the absolute least, I was very impressed. We all hopped in some minibuses and went to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and went straight to Nana. All of us were sitting in a bar with huge shit-eating grins from ear to ear. I ordered a drink and along with that drink a very attractive lady sat on my lap. Her English was very limited but after living in Korea for a while I am used to language barriers. We giggled and drank for about an hour then one of my friends suggested that we go elsewhere. I was then informed of how a barfine works and I pondered for about 3 seconds before I paid the girl and asked her to come along. We visited a few more clubs always turning heads when we came through the door. Picture nine fairly attractive men in their early to mid twenties, fresh of the boat so to speak. We were on top of the world. Around 2:00 AM everyone had found a date and we returned to the hotel and "had our way". The next day we awoke around 10:00 AM. All but two girls were gone by this time and my girl was one of the two. She never spoke of money. Her services were top notch so I slipped her 1500 baht like it was drug money. She didn't look at nor count the money she just put it in her pocket and we said our good-byes. I told her I would see her again that night but in actuality I had no intention of returning for her. After all, I was on a "Whore Tour" and my main objective was to slang as much cock to as many broads as possible.

We did the normal tourist stuff during the day – shopping, pictures all that stuff for the rest of the daylight hours. Finally, it was night time again, time to hit the scene and find my next "victim". We went Soi Cowboy and did some prospecting but for some reason all I could remember was my lady friend from the previous night. I made my rounds and ended up back at Nana hoping my girl had not been barfined yet. I walked in and she spotted me and before I could even blink I had paid the fine and off we went to meet my friends The night was much of the same blah blah blah….boom boom….blah blah blah sleep.

The next day we had tickets to Koh Samui and I told her I would miss her and would see her when I returned. She pouted around and said, "I want to go with you, I never see Samui". I took it as just playing the role. We exchanged e-mail, I paid and she went home. The first night in Samui the selection at the bars was scarce to say the least and I kept thinking about my cute bar girl in Bangkok. So, of course I e-mailed her asked her to join me for holiday and asked how much it would be. She replied very quickly with "I would love to join you and pay bar fine only". I was shocked! Bar fine only? Surly she was expecting some gratuity in the end. I informed her to get an airline ticket and I would meet her at the airport.

The next ten days were the best days of my life. I was in paradise with a very attractive girl who seemed to like me very much. Although I still had my doubts about her sincerity but she was growing on me more and more by the hour. She kept the room clean, gave me massages daily, and even cooked a traditional Thai meal for my friends and me. It was amazing! I had never been treated so well. I have always had great girlfriends yet not one compared. I was truly in heaven. My 21st birthday was on the 12th of Feb. and it is one I will never forget. She treated me like a king. We toured the island on dirt bike all day while she pleased in various places all over the island.

Night time soon came and we all went to the Black Moon party on Rocky Bay. She was amazing, full of energy and danced until the sun came up and a storm ended the party. We were so happy together she never left my side unless I requested. One night I went to watch some Thai boxing (not a girl's idea of a good time) and I said maybe she should do some shopping instead. I gave her 2000 baht to shop while my friends and I went to the matches. When I returned and asked her what she got while shopping she said a shirt for herself and some things for you. I opened the bag and it was stuff that I had looked at earlier while going to eat dinner. A hand made pipe, two pairs of shorts, hair gel (which I ran out of that morning), a first aid kit for a cut I received from a rock in the ocean, and 800 baht in change. This girl was truly a saint and I became curious about her past and how a good hearted girl became a prostitute.

She said she was from a city named Phetchabun, a city in Northern Thailand, and that she was very poor but happy as a child. In her broken English she told me that she married at the age of 14 to an abusive alcoholic police officer and had a child at the age of 17. He beat her so badly one time that she was laid up for a month. I have received some ass beatings before but I cannot begin to imagine one that brutal. Her daughter lived with her mother and sister back home were she attended school. She never mentioned her father so my guess is he was a shitbag also. Anyway, her daughter has some kind of permanent illness and the medicine is expensive. She tried many times to make a living cooking, her favourite hobby, but the money was not adequate. Which is really a shame she cooked a many meals for my friends and me and they were always quite delicious. All this took me by surprise. I was overwhelmed with sorrow and felt pity for this angel of a girl. She was dealt a bad hand and had to play with all chips on the line everyday.

The next days I did everything I could to make this girl happy. I felt she deserved to know how life could have its ups although she had only seen its downs. I had the time of my life and found great pleasure in treating this girl like a princess. Eventually the time came to leave Samui and we returned to Bangkok for my final three nights in country. She showed me where she lived, pictures of her beautiful daughter and showed me everything she knew of Bangkok. I took her to Ministry of Sound the last two nights I was there and she cut a rug all night long. Unfortunately I had to go back to Korea. We had a nice final day lunch, dinner, and of course a final "show of affection". I put her in a taxi, swallowed my heart and said goodbye. I then went into the 7-11 to get a drink and try to fight back the tears.

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I entered my hotel, heart still in my stomach, and proceeded to my room. Much to my surprise she was waiting at the door balling her eyes out. I lost it. I hit my knees right there in the hallway and let the tears fly. I felt no shame for crying. I have never felt nor showed such strong emotion about anything in my entire life. We held each other for the last hour and said the dreaded goodbye again. As I pulled off in my taxi I watched her do as I did in the hall fall straight to her knees, crying with no holding back.

I arrived back in Korea with a new look on pretty much everything. I sat on my couch and reminisced on the past month for three days. I hardly ate a bite and barley left the house. Finally I met her on MSN one day and now we chat everyday for 30 minutes or so. I get some kind of closure out of the chats and smile with every message she sends. I have promised her that we will meet again and I tell you that the only thing that could keep me from that is death. She never asked for money, she never asked for anything than for me to smile for her. I asked her what plans she has for the future and she told me that she must go to Hong Kong and do her job for 6 more months and that even if she wanted to change her mind that she simply could not. Hopefully she can save enough money to get out of the business and take care of her daughter and mother.

My final thought:

You never realize how sweet your life is until you meet someone who deserves more than you do and has been shit on their entire life. I left this country a 20 year old fun loving boy and returned a 21 year humble man. I thank God every night for the things that I have and how good he has been to me and pray that he will help this girl because truly I have never met anyone closer to being an angel than she is.

Stickman says:

Touching, what more can I say?

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