Stickman Readers' Submissions March 13th, 2002

A Tale Of 5 Girls


First a little background. Before I ever went to Thailand, I could was able to speak, read and write the language. I learned in college and then met some Thai friends who helped me practice. When I got there, I thought I knew plenty already and felt pretty confident in my ability to get around. I swore that I would never nail a bargirl and told my friends that

the good girls would be lined up for me because I could already speak Thai.

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Now for how it really went. On New Years Eve I was in a Bar in Pattaya, my friends had tried to get me broken in; even offering to split the bill for my first time over there. So far I had been made of steel and had resisted. Anyway, I met this girl who was petite, had long hair, nice skin and was not working that night. (Contrary to Stickman's advice, I did not let the tattoo and cell phone deter me). We talked, best we could with the music and I thought she was very pretty and nice. Once she had two or three Bacardi (pronounced BA GA DI) and Cokes she began speaking to me in broken English, which I thought was so cute. I took her back to my room and we both promptly passed out. Over the next few days, we spent a lot of time together. We went to lunch, dinner, the movies, played connect four (which I never knew was a game of skill) and just hung out. On my last night, I started drinking a little harder than I had been. I kind of knew that it would chip away at my resolve but I didn't really care anymore. We ended up at her place and the inevitable happened. She never asked me for money or anything. I had already lost a lot of money to her playing pool and connect four, and maybe she just liked me. I never talked to her again after I left Pattaya so I maybe will never know.

A week or so later, I was at a bar on Soi Zero for the third time that week. I was with a buddy who speaks Thai like a Thai so was a fun guy to go out with. I met a girl who worked at the bar, which was owned by her sister. She was around eighteen, stunning and a very sweet. I talked with her for a while and drank several Mekong and Cokes. Despite the promise I had made to never take home a bargirl again, my resolve cracked and I asked her, in a round about way, if she would come with me. She responded "mai bai gup kag" – that she didn't go with guests. I thought that maybe I asked wrong, so tried again. She said the same thing. It turned out that her and her friend were really just waitresses. Even though it was an easy mistake to make, I still felt like an asshole. It took a few more trips there, a few conversations and me telling her that I thought that it was really a good thing that she didn't go with guests to sort of get the friendship back that I felt like a had with her. I hope that she continues to refrain from going with guests for her sake.

That same night I got denied, I saw this girl at a gogo bar in Nana and could not resist. I was wasted; she was a tiny little hottie so I ended up taking her out of the bar. We went out with her friends, which was kind of weird and ended up back at the place I was staying and the usual happened. I was so wasted that I barely remember.

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Two weeks later on Koh Samui, after staying strong for a while, I was walking along Chaweng Beach. I sat down at a hotel bar right on the water and saw the beautiful bartender working there. After drinking some of my beer, I told her that after drinking I could speak Thai. We talked for a while and she offered to take me around the island on her scooter. She was my age, had a college degree and wanted to work in the (legitimate) tourist industry. We ended up going out a few times and had a lot of (clean) fun. On our last date though, she brought a male friend who, I could tell, did not want to be there. He kind of interrogated me about this girl and I never really did get the point of it. There is a lot to Thai culture and I am not sure that a farang could ever understand all of it. We exchanged addresses and email and said we would stay in touch. I still have not written because she can't read much English and writing in Thai is such a pain in the ass. I do hope to see her again though.

The last girl that made an impression on me was a young friend of a friend in BKK. She was a "hello" girl at a bar in Clinton Plaza. She was a sweetheart and I can only hope that she is really only a hello girl. When I had burnt out on being drunk all the time, I used to walk around the bar areas to talk to people and see the bizarre sights. I ended up spending a lot of time with her. She called me Pichai (older brother) and I called her (nong sao) little sister. I think a farang who spoke her language and did not try to take her home was something somewhat unusual. When she asked me if I had ever gone with a bargirl and then found out that I had, her eyes welled up with tears. She never would tell me if she had ever gone with a guest though so that probably meant she had. When I left, she took me to the airport and cried when I had to board my plane. It was sad. I still keep in touch with her and I hope that she will be okay over there.

I definitely survived my first time but did not escape unchanged. I hope to return to Thailand one day and hopefully the girls I met will still be doing ok.

Stickman says:

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On my first trip to Thailand I travelled with my best friend who was both keen on Asian women and had used prostitutes in the past. I neither cared for Asian women nor would I have dreamed of using a pay for play girl. Everyone joked that I wouldn't be able to get him out of the bars once we got to Thailand. Funny thing was, I had one indiscretion in the bars, and he didn't have any. Even if you intend to be a good boy, Thailand sort of makes it so easy for you to break the rule!

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