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Stickman Readers' Submissions January 1st, 2002

A Friend In Pattaya

I want to tell you about one more bg experience I made in Pattaya because on the way back from Korat to BKK I went to Pattaya on 25/26 December (strange place to go on Christmas……but it just arose from my travel schedule). I had intended to meet Ef, the girl from my first submission. But I couldn't find her as her cellphone number wasn't available anymore and the beer bar where I had met her last time had changed owner and name. I was a bit sad, but this gave me the chance to try out some go-go bars and I went to TQ 2 first. I liked the music and friendly atmosphere there, but there weren't so many girls and only one of them appeared to be a bit attractive. So after one beer I continued to New Sexy 2001, the bar where I had first seen Ef. This place turned out to be rather deceiving, there was not a single girl I liked. So again one beer, and off I went to the Dollhouse. First I thought there wasn't a single beautiful lady there, though they had quite a lot of girls on their carrousel. (Anyway, this really isn't a good time for nightlife in Thailand, everybody wears bikinis, how boring. Thank you, Khun Purachai.) I began to feel a bit strange as I thought to myself, "What the f… is this? You are in PATTAYA and cannot find a girl for the night?!!" Then I spotted a girl I liked (not too tall, slim, nice hair down to the breasts, smooth skin) and asked one of the waitresses to tell her to come over. But after thinking for a while she suddenly blushed and said "Oh, cannot!" – it turned out that an Australian guy sitting next to me had already bought her a drink before she went dancing. Unlucky me! The whole story was becoming rather annoying. Well, finally I dared to address him and ask him if he would take this girl or not. He was pretty sure he would. Right at that moment, she came back from the stage and somehow perceived that I was also interested in her, and we shook hands and had a nice little talk. She really was a sweet girl (from Nakhon Sawan, BTW), but I decided to leave and wish the Aussie fellow a lot of fun with her.

But what could I do now?? I didn't want to try one bar after another and spend money on drinking one beer after another and slowly getting drunk. I felt a bit hopeless. Finally I headed for TQ 2 again for a last beer and last try because I remembered this particular girl there – actually the first one that had caught my attention that night. But would she still be there? Maybe she had been bought out already. No, she was still there. A funny and playful little person, wearing a red tasselled (Christmas) cap, always smiling and joking, but I was sitting at the bar and she was turning to a man on the other side of the stage most of the time, though he was already occupied with another girl. I was beginning to like her more and more. She was not as pretty as the girl in the Dollhouse, but quite similar: Also nice long hair (but a bit curly), small slim body, smooth skin and a tight little butt. The funny – and at the same time particularly seductive – thing about her was that she had uneven (tilted) front teeth, which made her smile even cuter. So I began to worry as I wanted her more and more and wondered if she'd go with someone else. Fortunately the other guy left with the other girl soon and I told one waitress that I wanted to talk to that funny girl. She came over and it turned out that she was 23, her name was Nong and she came from Nakhon Phanom. She was happy that I was able to speak Thai with her (as is ALWAYS the case with Thai people; it also makes it way easier with bargirls, as far as my experience is concerned) and was a bit surprised that I knew Isaan very well (I like to travel there, and Mukdhan / Nakhon Phanom is the study area for my thesis, so I know that area really well, of all places). She said normally farangs had never heard the name of her home province and confused it with Nakhon Pathom near BKK. After some time she had to dance and I worried again because she still didn't look at me.

He Clinic Bangkok

To cut a long story short, I managed to seat myself at a table on the other side of the stage, talk to her again, buy her a drink and finally pay her barfine around 2 AM. She was a very good choice. In fact, the most sensual woman I have ever experienced. Nice body and incredibly soft skin, but most important was her behaviour, absolutely tender and sensual. She also seemed to like me. The morning after, we were very sleepy and none of us wanted to get up. Soon it was 12 o'clock, and somehow it made click in my brain and I decided to spend another day in Pattaya which I hadn't intended before. But check-out time had already passed anyway. Let me add a remark at this point – it's so easy to fall into this trap and spend the whole day lying in bed with a sweet girl and literally doing nothing….. I don't like short-time, though, it's really like a business transaction: finished, please pay now, goodbye. I asked her when she had to go to work again and she replied 7 PM. I thought I'd bring her to the bar and maybe drink one beer, but didn't know what to do then. I didn't want to spend money on her or another girl again. At 5 PM we finally made it out of bed and went to eat something. Strangely enough, Nong wasn't hungry at all though she hadn't eaten anything for around 20 hours (and she was Thai, after all!). I hadn't asked her about her "tip" yet, so the only money I had spent on her had been for the barfine and one lady's drink. I wanted to ask her when we arrived at the bar. We strolled along Walking Street but didn't enter the soi where TQ 2 is situated. Nong decided she wanted to go to her apartment first to shower and change clothes and invited me to come with her. On the way I saw a stall selling fried insects (Have you noticed they are quite common in Pattaya? Must be due to the demand of all the Isaan girls working there……) and told her I like to eat grasshoppers and she instantly bought me a bag full!

She lives in a big apartment with balcony, aircon, fridge, stereo, TV set and so on together with her older sister, also a nice girl. I talked with her while Nong showered. I thought we'd go to the bar after that, but she didn't seem to have the slightest intention to leave. She had repeatedly stated she was lazy (khii-giat) before….. Then her sister went away and wouldn't return before noon of the following day. So it became likely I could stay in the apartment with Nong overnight, though we didn't talk about that issue and were just lying on the bed, sleepy and unable to do anything or make any decision. We talked a lot about her home (she showed me photos) and Thailand in general and it showed she was quite clever, just hadn't learned English properly. But she was interested in many things, especially languages (Of course she could speak Lao, but had also learned some Khmer from other girls from Surin or Buriram and seemingly knew about all the dialects spoken in Thailand – it was great fun to talk about that with her as I also like languages and know some Isaan expressions.) Soon it was 11.30 PM and suddenly she stood up to go to the 7 Eleven and asked me if I wanted her to bring anything for me. The only thing that came to my mind was a bottle of chocolate flavoured milk.

In her absence I looked around the room and found some interesting things (but I'd like to make clear I didn't stick my nose in the corners of every cupboard!): In one open bag standing beside the bed she had collected some letters and printed emails. She had received a letter from a German dentist (written in Thai by a translation service), was preparing to send a letter to a guy in Australia ("I miss you so much….." etc.) and also kept email contact with someone who had an English name and who mentioned he had sent her money. Oh no, I thought, I have heard about this sort of thing before….. Stickman is always in the right….this is really happening. SORRY BOYS, if you are hoping Nong loves you, has quit work and waits for you, THIS GIRL IS STILL ACTIVE IN THE BAR SCENE! Actually, she must be quite popular and earn quite a lot of money. Who knows how many farang men she is currently playing with and telling "sick mother, dead buffalo" stories…..? (But maybe I am doing her wrong and she is a nice girl.) Anyway, I am glad I will never get involved like this, fall to a bg's charm and send her money, though I can understand that men succumb to cute little creatures like Nong very easily and I admit our encounter touched me and I would like to meet her again one day. But there's no way I would ever look for love in the bar scene, let alone send a girl money…….. My ideal is more like finding particularly nice girls, having a sort of amicable relationship and maybe get a freebie. But then there's no urge to stay in contact, no commitment, no lasting sadness if I don't see her again. Because I know there will ALWAYS be new girls to discover and I am able to forget any of my old acquaintances. (Opposed to that, this is not true for real FRIENDS.)

Nong stayed away for at least 30 minutes and I wondered what she was doing. The nearest 7 Eleven couldn't be far away. Finally she arrived with 5 or 6 bags of food from some street stalls and the milk I had ordered. So she finally wanted to have dinner – or breakfast, if you like. We sat down and watched TV and ate Pad Thai, Spring Rolls, deep fried meat balls, something like a Thai hot dog, fruit and other things I cannot remember. Always amazing when Thai people bring food and sauces home in plastic bags and 'pour' it into 10 or 12 bowls of varying sizes…….

At 1 AM we went to sleep but didn't have sex that night, just embraced and fondled each other. The next morning I found myself in a real dilemma because I enjoyed lying in bed with her but couldn't afford to spend more time and had to bring this story to an end. But she was so lazy and wouldn't get up. I managed to take a photo of her.

Finally she dressed and came with me to se me off in the soi. And I hadn't paid her. So in the end, she hadn't only done without pay, but had even bought food for me and taken a loss by not appearing at her bar on the second day of our encounter. Sweet girl!
She gave me her home address in Nakhon Phanom, not in Pattaya. She also wasn't interested in giving me her phone number. I think she knew I wasn't the right person to take financial advantage. She also liked me and probably just wanted to have some fun and was contented with it.


Stickman says:

Several points arise from this piece and I do not want to steal the author's thunder by writing too much of my nonsense here. These girls have plenty of guys on the go – just watch how it's actually part of many gogo girls routine to go to an internet cafe / translation service before work EVERYDAY! I'm not sure if you never paid the girl anything for two nights, but if you did, that is not so nice – in fact some would argue that it is bordering rape…many girls will never actually ask for money and the onus is on you to pay her, not wait for an invoice! Nonetheless, it sounds like a nice experience was had by both of you.