Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2001

A-verse To Thai

Thais are Monkeys, Thais are Ling,

Give us your money and we do anything,
Krupp khun kar
We want to go far
Mamasan say it OK
You can have us for a day
Put your bill in this jar

Thais are Monkeys, Thais are Ling,
Swing from the trees,
Please get on your knees,
We love you, jing jing
Cum to Karaoke,
And we teach you to sing.

He Clinic Bangkok

Thais are monkeys, Thais are Ling,
Give us your money and we do anything.
You like the breast honey
Eating chicken
We like the wing.
We not expensive honey
Just a sure fling.

Monkey see and monkey do,
Where do you go?
It's up to you,
What happened to your wallet?
You haven't got a clue?
Oh my clothes are old,
I need something new.
You my only boyfriend,
I've only had a few.

We'll get every Baht,
Coz we're very smart,
Farang not think with head,
He think with dick,
and his soul soon dead,
We'll soon burn his bed.

CBD bangkok

Thai word for monkey is call Ling,
Undo your trousers
and we play with your thing.
Want to cum again?
Give us a little more money
You got big dick sir,
It look very funny.

Cum all morning and we cum all night,
Look in your wallet Sir,
I think you have big fright!
Five hundred or one thousand baht,
we push up the price
coz we clever tart.

Water Buffalo have gone dead,
Give us lots of money,
Honey, we soon be wed.
Money to family
Money to me,
We'll take as much as we can
Just you see.

Thais are monkey, Thais are Ling
Give us your money and we do anything,
We've every trick in the book
Take a quick look,
Jus' buy a beer Sir,
Lady you don't have to book
Ring that bell Dave
and ring it well
You've been there Dave
and you know its hell.

wonderland clinic

We smile in the morning,
We smile at night,
You think our lying
is not quite right

But we have to live
just like you
walking in bare feet sir
have to buy new shoe.

So give us all your money,
Yes give us more,
Let us lighten your load,
Western women are a bore,
Sucking you off,
Is no big chore.

You troubled by the weight of your wallet,
Give it all to us sir,
Here come police
Have to watch it.
Look that shop is quite nice
Buy me something
and we'll do it twice.

Thais are monkeys Thais are Ling,
Give us your money and we do anything.
Hurt too much when you piss,
Sorry sir, doctor you will not have to miss.
It turn green
You must hide it away
Mustn't be seen.

Cum back and see us any old time
We are very practised in the art of mime
You think we cum
You think we have fun
It is your wallet we're after
The miming is never done.

Monkey see and monkey do,
Cum and see us at feeding time,
We'll show you something new
You'll cum back for more
That's certain for sure
You will want us
while we wriggle on the floor
Always naked always ready
Cum back to my flat and I'll
show you my teddy.

Cum back you'll always cum back
Coz we know your western women
Are really very slack
at giving what you want
That headaches cum on again
Farang such a pain.

Monkey see and monkey do
Where you go its up to you
We got plenty more back home
America, German ,all Europe too.
We wait for our money to arrive
just on cue.

When you think you have us understood
Remember we also have husband
sitting in house made of wood
All our money goes there
perhaps if you dare
You'll cum back for more fun
and the financial cupboard will be bare

We really don't like you
Can't you see
I'm ripping you off
And it's all for me,
And my husband, boyfriend too
The family soon ask for a loan
What more money you groan.

Monkey like banana,
We like too.
I touch you there
and look it soon grew,
Let us suck on yours
For a buck or two

But not to forget sir
Thais are monkeys Thais are Ling
Give us your money
and we do everything
Wake up with you in the morning
Are you feeling sore
It is money for old rope for us
Do you want some more?

Monkey see and monkey do,
Where do you go?
It's up to you,
I open my legs to give you good view
If you farang or Jap
Use a magnifying glass
I sit on your lap.

Do you have a long gun?
Then we shall be in for fun
The size doesn't matter to me
We'd rather be watching TV.

Yes we're on the make
That wonderful orgasm
Was one big fake
Check bin noy?
Sorry just another ploy.

Size? We can take all you've got
We're after money
So you'll shoot your lot,
Wow, feeling hot ?
Have another cool Singha beer
The cheque is in the pot.

Stickman says:

Not a bad effort – still not quite sure what to think about it!

nana plaza