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Stickman Readers' Submissions November 4th, 2001

Is She My Favourite BG Or Regular GF?

By Belgian Boy

I first met Nid 6 trips ago in September 1999 because of my big ego. I had some time off in the afternoon, so I went for a massage at S. close to Sukumvit. Went upstairs and picked Tik, a rather tall girl who resembles Marilyn Monroe, same eyes, same mouth, same smile, 28 years old at the time. Anyway, I had the – usual great – massage and she starts talking about where from, come back, tip me more, etc… when I find out that she was just back from Holland and spoke better Dutch than English! Ok, for me, I live in Belgium and speak Dutch as well, and we agree to meet later for food and she ended spending the night with me. For me one of the best times for sex is in the morning, just love it to wake up with a morning woody and a hot lady in my arms to take care of this, great! Needless to say she took good care of me….

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The next few days I went back each day for more, and no problem she was always free. After 3 days, during the massage she asks if I fancied having a massage with 2 girls, me answer yes, why you ask? You want to try? Yes, go ahead and make me try… My best friend is free, we make you special show and massage, ok ? She calls it a sandwich, you know 2 girls and 1 guy stuck in the middle…. What you call it with 3 girls? A double-decker? A Big Mac? An overdose? Me lying there already with little boy ready to start his epics, so I say yes of course, go and get her, so I could please this big ego of mine….. Comes along Nid, to which actually I got introduced only after having sex with her, first the room is in semi darkness, secondly I'm there without my glasses (only the hands looked…) and lastly I trusted Tik to get a nice girl… I found out quickly Nid was a right choice and a 3 way girl as well! Not only that, but the 2 girls were 'into' it as well, I had to complain once as I was left out of their games…….LOL

Both girls were working till evening at S. 'giving' massages, and after that till 2 am in a nice bar across the street as bargirls. Needless to say I barfined them everyday, alone or together and we had great times together. Surprisingly, none had a strange word if I decided to barfine the other one, or some evenings Tik would ask me not to choose her as she was not up to it. Later I learned that Tik was a bit on the lazy side and also waiting to go back to Holland. I never learned how she got there, married, boyfriend, prostitution, or else, but visas are really hard to get, don't know how she did it… I met her again in April this year, when she told me she was (again) waiting for a new visa to go back again for 12 (?) months to Holland. I did not choose her again, she looked changed, had gained a lot of weight and had dull eyes. I hope she is ok.

I returned to Bangkok in january 2000, and the first thing I did was go back to S. and look for Nid. Yes ! she was in and we went quickly upstairs. Until then (on purpose) I never gave her my phone number or e-mail address. Why would I? She remembered the great sex we had previously, took my hand, pulled me upstairs, grabbed some towels, locked us in a room, undressed me quickly, showered in a hurry and she started to actually rape me here and then ! Yep ! what could I do? I let her get away with it…..(smile) Ok, round 1 was finished, she showered me again, and massaged me to my senses again and to round 2 of gymnastics, only to shower me once more and to get me ready for yet another round ! I surrendered after round 2 begging her to ease up a little but she wouldn't have it, she even called for a backup (WTH she needed backup ???) and Little Lek walks in. Lek is a very pretty girl, very small, 25 years old, very light skin and very beautiful and she laughs all the time with her silly little jokes. It is Lek who gave me local nickname. My first name is a French name and unpronounceable for them as well as most English speaking people, so I always switch to my middle name which is Michael, and then little boy is called Jackson. The nickname she gave me is Khun koo-ay yai or Mr. big dick. A well deserved name indeed ! It makes them sure horny, and I tell you, each time I walk in that place, they all give me the look of please-choose-me-also…..LOL

Now a few words about Nid before I continue. Nid is now 30 years old and at best a 7 if I must rate her, however as far as professional girls are involved, for the horizontal gymnastics she must rate a total of 9.8 as nobody deserves a full 10. She never uses makeup, only a little blush, contrary to many other working girls, who take great care to use like an inch of paint, something I call warpainting… She has both parents living and being taken care by her and a younger brother of 21 years old, apparently at university, taken care by her as well. More I don't know about her, not because she doesn't tell me, more because I don't want to know. A form of self defence? I don't know… She is fairly well educated and comes originally from Phuket, but her parents moved close to Bangkok years ago. She has her own PC at home, and – amazingly – has her own car as well. I know this for sure, if she stays long time, she always goes to the car first to get a change of clothes for the next day, as usually she stays until it is time to go to work. Also we have been places together with her car, and she even dropped me a few times at the airport, it certainly beats a taxi…. Another special remark here : she never wears undies, no bra nor panties…. Go on, go to a restaurant, to the movies, shopping, knowing the girl you are with is totally available for…you know….

I returned 3 more times last year as well as April and September of this year, and each time it is a visit in paradise. Only since my last visit we exchanged telephone numbers and e-mail addresses and we have been keeping a correspondence. Not much, but enough to keep in touch, sometimes 1 e-mail a day, sometimes 1 every 2 weeks. Last time she surprised me by wanting to pick me up at the airport, and she was so surprised as I turned one of her favourite lines to her : up to you… I landed at the ungodly hour of 0645 am and on a Saturday morning. Who was there? Yes, she was there as promised, eyes full of sleep but there anyway! Just to make sure nothing could happen, I drove to the hotel. I barely managed to check in as by that time Nid was fully awake again and apparently horny as hell! I'll spare you the details, but we started right in the elevator… Reminds me to ask other people where they 'did' it in weird / funny places…

Nowadays we settled into a routine (if you can call it a routine), meaning I take her alone, or with another girl she chooses (but I can veto by not paying the barfine…) or another 2 girls. Or, different situation, today no feel boom-boom she says, you take other girl or girls. I just have to be careful, no strange girls, only girls she knows and approves of, so we choose together. Funny situation? Yes, in my view it is rather funny. I don't love her, or don't want to love her, I like this girl really a lot, and we behave as friends do together, but we are also lovers and behave like lovers. But, I never forget that money is also involved and that our relation is therefore based on a 'commercial' agreement. Although it is a commercial agreement, it has evolved way behind that, meaning that yes, money is paid, but that mutual feelings are there as well.

My going to S. the first time, was a chain reaction of meeting a whole series of other girls. First there is Nid of course as described above, my first girl was Tik the Dutchie. Cute little Lek I still see, definitely a 9, lots of fun as well, a great lay in the sack, poor on English…..I still see her. Not the best massage available, but her little hands are quite capable of a lot of erotic massages. I met Oy as well, nice gal, tattoo on her tommy, 22 years and from Laos. That one is dick crazy, show her one and she'll grab it to smoke… Lots of laughs with this one, especially with 2 other girls! One time she even left before I had a chance to pay her, met her later in the evening and came me a 50 % discount because she had toooooo much goooood time ! Ohn, a good looking girl, amazing long hair, everybody's dream…. Nat, a dark skinned girl with huge tits, not too beautiful, but great hands for a massage and she loves it any way you want. Yen is a classic little shy bargirl you see everywhere, too shy to approach her, totally closed to even draw a second look at her, but careful if you barfine her, she is one hot lady! One time I made a deal with her, every time she came, I would deduct 100B from her fee, at the end she paid me 100B as a deal is a deal! Do note the next time I paid her extra to make it up, but she refused and wanted the same deal as previously. This was on a night that Nid had to go home and I had already another gal with me and I apologized to that one and cut her loose as I was going to have my hands full with Yen…LOL Kwang is a stunner, must be a high 9, great body, foul mouth, she knows only dirty words, but then again in at least 5 languages…..I gave her a few extra words to learn…. Then again, sometimes when a girl begs to be f** instead of make looove to me is rather sexy and exciting as well, but no further details…… A last point : a 3 way girl as well! Bee has very long hair, and is very skinny but beautiful figure and the sister from Ohn. She is the only reason to take her, isn't it everybody's dream to have 2 sisters in the same bed and taking them both ? Also on top of that is that like it together as well…. This to mention a few, but I remember more faces and pussies but not the names anymore. Enough to say that Nid and me had over 20 girls sharing my bed and our fun. And of course, sharing my Baht as well.

I find that our goodbyes are getting more and more difficult, but I keep in touch with her, I even spoke to her this morning on the phone. My main line is that I like her a lot, especially being together and the great sex, but I don't love her as such. I always joke with her about that : I like you but I love your pussy more. She replies : I like you as well, but I love your money better. She never asks me for money, sometimes she tells me not to pay her, but I do anyway, when we go out together, sometimes she pays the parking, restaurant or the movie. Never a word of sending her money, on the contrary, last visit we did some accounting together of how much she needed each month, and where it was coming from. She even has a sucker sending her 8000 baht every month and she is proud of that. I want her to continue work and I do push her in that direction as it is probably another line of defence for me : she's still a bargirl!

Where do I want to go with this story? Or better : where do I want to go with her? Maybe lucky for me I have some family problems causing me not to go back to Bangkok before April – May of next year, but this is also unfortunately for little boy… Seriously, I know that deep down she wants my love and security but is afraid to show her wants, and I really like her so much that I don't want to hurt her knowing that I'm not a one woman man, but need to 'look' around. I do feel proud to know her, and I wish this would go on and on, but someday one of us is going to wake up and wanting some kind of commitment, which I don't want to do right now. See, I don't want anybody hurting, specially not me anymore. She knows I'll be back, we have a nice correspondence going on any given subject, but where will this end, I have no clue, I sure hope it will not be ugly.

Morality of this story : I have a lot of fun when I'm with her, but each visit ends in tears when it is time to leave. Also, my BKB, Bangkok Blues are getting worse and worse, but this is probably related to my old bones… Maybe next tim in LOS I should visit Pattaya again, last time I was there was in 1987! This change of scene and girls might be want I need, then again it might not. All kinds of advise and positive comments will help to support me during this – long – period of abstinence of sanuk in LOS.

Stickman says:

Belgian Boy strikes again! One must be careful when they go back to the same girl. Any girl for a day or two is fine, but if you go back to her for anything other than good sex, that is when feelings develop, and when feelings develop, you have just got onboard the rollercoaster – get ready for the ride of your life!