Stickman Readers' Submissions September 7th, 2001

Intro Services Review

By The Swedish Italian

I visited 4 agencies during my several trips to Thailand.

He Clinic Bangkok

Loveasia (managed by an Australian) and ThaiDating (managed by a Thai lady married to an Australian) have a smaller number of ladies and I decided not to use them. Loveasia has a service not available in other agencies (and not expensive): translation / forwarding letters that can be used also for ladies that are not their member.

The other two agencies SweetSingles and ThaiNo1 are similar, you pay a fee to become member of a club and you can meet ladies members for one year. The two businesses are both managed and owned by two very smart Thai women (Bee and Nung), who speak and write in good English.

They have various services and levels of fee. But the main service you can get is to look through their files of pictures / profiles of the ladies, to choose the ladies you like, to meet them in their offices having also translation service included.

CBD bangkok

After, if you are interested, you can agree to continue the knowledge of the lady outside. You can meet the lady in another place (i.e. your hotel), but you not get the translation service. The fee for 2/3 visit to Thailand in one year to meet different ladies is more or less $US 1000.

I choose Sweet Singles because has better WEB site, ladies have good picture and clear profile, you can do a preliminary choice before to come to Thailand and fine tune your choice with the manual file in their offices. The search engine on the their WEB for ladies according some specification (age, education, marital status) is not very good.

They have both a policy for deleting ladies from the WEB when they start a relation with a farang, but they are a little bit slow. Sweet Singles keep the lady for some time on the WEB, but include her in a list of “not more available ladies” in the same WEB.

SweetSingles makes also aggressive advertising in Thailand to attract ladies member and they pay no fee to become member.

wonderland clinic

I can tell you that I could meet nearly all ladies I asked, with some of them I had dinner or lunch for a better knowledge of them. Clearly you can not find ladies coming from high family background, but some are nice, have university degree, reasonable job (as Government Officials / sales manager) and they looking for a mature man, older than them (also over 20 years).

Again most of them come from north-east of Thailand, but they live in Bangkok. I could not understand if there were ladies working in the entertainment industry, but you never know: Thai are specialists at lying.

Clearly if you meet a nice girl, unemployed, only 6 years of education, speaking some English, you start to have some suspects. Anyway my feeling was that Bee, the manager, will not suggest to you the lady as good match or will say that the lady is not reachable, if she have the same suspect.

In conclusion for a Farang who does not live in Thailand and want to meet a Thai lady (not working in a bar) for a serious relation this is the only feasible way to reach result.

I think that this will be the best solution for me. It will take time, as I am selective, but I will achieve my goal.

Stickman says:

Nice report. I wanted to do a report about all of these types of places myself, but I simply didn't have the time and most certainly do not have the money, to do it. Form ,e the most interesting point about your report is that a lot of these girls are girls from the North-East.

nana plaza