Stickman Readers' Submissions August 25th, 2001

Three Girls

Arriving in Thailand after 10 years felt like sort of coming home. I had only 9 days to see how this country has changed. The first night, I headed for Nana Plaza. Time stood still, nothing seemed to have changed. I headed for a go-go bar at the ground floor, ordered an orange juice and had a look around. The girls were average, with a few absolutely beautiful specimens of the Thai female.

To my surprise (I never attracted girls with my looks), one of these stunners came up to me while I ordered a second orange juice. She introduced herself and asked me if I would mind a funny question. Curiosity won, and I invited her for a drink. 'Please, look around and look at the men', she said. To be honest, I am more interested in girls, but ok, I took a look around. 'What do you notice?' Not understanding what she was up to, I replied that nothing special caught my eye. 'You are the only one that is not drinking alcohol.' I still didn't get the point. We talked on, I showed her the picture of my wife and told her in a friendly way that she was wasting her time if she was looking to be barfined. A tremendous smile came in return, she was very confident that I would fall for her. But I didn't.

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Back in my hotel, I asked the bartender why that girl stressed the fact that I was not drinking alcohol. The explanation seemed very logical to me. Many of the working girls grow up with a father and / or brothers that drink very heavily, with all the trouble that comes with alcohol abuse. Many customers also drink more than they can handle. So, someone who doesn't drink is very attractive to them. The fact that she was resisted because I wanted to be faithful to my wife made me even more interesting.

This was a good reason for a little research! Next day, same bar. Immediately the girl came to me, got me a juice and started talking again in a very relaxed and pleasant way. It looked more like we were on a date than in a go-go bar. To check if the bartender was right, I went to Soi Cowboy and ordered Juice again. Damn! Twenty minutes later, me and my orange juice were surrounded by three lovely looking girls. It worked! Sad enough, their English was poor. But help was on it's way, mamasan joined. Her English was about perfect. One hour later, the DJ started playing my favourite music, mamasan offered me a drink, it was great fun. The three girls kept on asking about my wife, my children, and somehow, mamasan found the time to translate all. When the bill arrived at 2 o'clock, I asked to check it. It was incredibly low! I promised to come back again in three days since I left Bangkok next day.

So, a few days later, back again, I hopped into the soi cowboy bar after checking the 'orange juice trick' in a few other places. It worked in 4 out of 6 times. The three girls showed up, we talked again, and they had a spectacular proposal. Wait until 2 o'clock, no barfine and we will make you happy tonight.

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Pffff, three girls! When they saw my hesitation, they added they wanted to go with me for free. The result was a enormous battle between my hormones and my conscience. To end this torment, I paid and left the bar. Alone, after I promised that I would return next day before going to the airport. On my way back I did ask myself if I turned into an idiot to let this chance pass by…

So I went to say goodbye. The girls hugged me, there were tears in the eyes of one of them and then they disappeared. After I while they came back, each with a red rose. I was really touched, they bought them for me to say goodbye and wish me good luck. Mamasan offered me a drink and took me apart. 'Tell me, are you a Saint?', she asked. 'No, why?'. 'You don't drink, you sleep alone, you are so friendly with the girls but you don't touch them and even resist their offer.' 'Ah, let me explain', I said. 'Five times before in Thailand never gave me any stomach problems. This time it did hit me twice. So, no alcohol to calm things down. It was new to me that no alcohol is rewarded with pretty girls. Since I spent a lot of time at the comfort room, cramps are still not gone. That could be a show stopper at the hotel..And, as you know, I'm married'

Mamasan smiled, gave me a big hug and wished me a safe flight home. Thinking back of these nights, no beer can have a surprising effect! It doesn't always work, but if it does, it gives you a chance to see the other side of the working girls. In fact, their better side! I still wonder what would have happened if my stomach didn't cause too much trouble to drink a few beers!

Stickman says:

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I've never really thought about not drinking in the bars, but this is story demonstrates that there is a real motivation to be a good boy when out and about…

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