Stickman Readers' Submissions August 8th, 2001

A Soi 6 Affair

Pattaya, soi 6. I had a romantic story there. You don't believe? In this accumulation of cheap short time bars with low attractive girls? Yep, I can tell you. Never give up your attention. You might find a jewel there where you never expect it.

I went with Tom who I learned to know in my base bar to soi 6. He said he likes this place because it reminds him on Philippines. He was stationed there as an US soldier and shags Asian girls since 15 years about. We were 2 funny, athletic Guys in our mid 30's, so the attention from the girls was certain. Ok, Tom is 2 meters tall and had blond hair, so he was more of an eye catcher than me. Soi 6 is a soi with a lot of small gogo bars with several girls in each. The girls in soi 6 are known for medium beauty, but the service is excellent and the short time support cheap. The soi is also known for the best blow jobs, oh I can tell you. Well, I prowled with the marine from bar to bar and we had a lot of fun. Where ever we settled down the girls gripped us, sat on our legs, one for kidding, the other one slipped a hand in the trouser. The same procedure on the road. It's not bad to have fun but we couldn't find any good looking girls. After some ours of bar hopping we decided to go home to our hotels. It wasn't funny anymore to escape from the possession taking girls. We inspected a last bar. But there was no action and we returned to the exit. When we went out 2 girls wrapped their arms around us from behind. I thought 'oh no, it's enough' and Tom asked me unprepared to change the girls. "Of course," I said and pushed my girl into his arms. Oh dear, what had I done? She was a beautiful, young girl! The marines held her in arms and got a bright grin.

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"Oh look Bulli", he said, "she's very beautiful, let's go inside"! Damn, I lost my attention. A beautiful girl gripped me and I pushed her away. I swore, that never happens to me again. It was to late, Tom wasn't willing to let her go. The other girl gripped me and we went into the bar. I noticed that everything went wrong now. We took seat on a sofa and ordered some drinks. The 2 girls were relative sisters. I had the older one and she was everything else than attractive and had an ugly voice. She noticed my dislike and felt uncomfortable. Tom's prey looked very young. Allegedly she was 18. But she looked younger, even if there was a sad shadow under her eyes. Tom was eager to cheer her up but she kept quiet and always looked uncomprehending to me. I couldn't keep my eyes off her. I felt a kind of wire between her and me, that she actual wanted to be with me. And damn, I wanted her! But Tom held his prey tight and ignored the unpleasant situation for the others joking around. Tom decided to take his girl to the short time room upstairs. We said good bye and made a date for the next day. I was angry about myself and went to the hotel.

I woke up with thoughts of the nice girl. In the early afternoon I jumped on my motorbike and drove to soi 6. The bars open at 2:00 PM. So early in the day all the girls sit outside to grip the men walking along. I felt like an idiot to look in every bar and to escape the bargirls. I couldn't find the bar again. In my anger I didn't notice the name. I gave it up and could only wait for the evening to meet Tom in the bar. When he went in after all
I pestered him to tell me the name of the bar we have been.

"I don't know anymore", he said, "forget the girl. She's so bad, it sucks. What a waste of time"!

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"Is she bad" I asked him? "What happened"?

"She kissed horrible and then I wanted a blow job", he answered, "she didn't want. I said 'hey, come on and blow me' but she denied. We got a quarrel and I went downstairs to mamasan. She ordered her to smoke me to end but she refused again. I didn't have to pay. Mamasan is pretty cool. I think the girl got a lot of trouble, hey it's soi 6! Soi Yodsak, where you go to get your balls hoovered dry"!

I said "Andy, let's go again. I like her and want to see her again. I want to find her back".

"Oh Bulli," he was kidding, "believe me. She isn't worth it".

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I stayed persistent. "Come on, do me a favour," I begged him, "just a visit".

"Ok," he sighed, "if you really want"?

We found back the bar. A big, fat Swede went with us. A nice guy. When we entered she turned her face to the wall. She wasn't willing to speak with anyone of us. The American and the Swede were kidding and I came slowly close to her and spoke with an angels voice.

"Hey, I heard about your trouble with my friend", I began. "I made a mistake. Please don't be angry with me. Maybe you wanted to go with me. I'm sorry, yesterday I pushed all girls away. Maybe, if you want, and I want, we could be together." Phew. She didn't respond but I kept on working her. Probably she didn't understand most of my words, so I just tried to sound harmless.

"You not like him?" she suddenly answered and looked shy in my eyes. "Umm, no no, I think not. I don't make trouble, believe me. I can understand you."

She kept skeptic and shy and I didn't know what to start with her. My buddies began to get impatient and Tom shouted "come on Bulli. Let's have some fun elsewhere!" The girl immediately looked back to the wall again. I left her with the promise to think about her and to come back maybe. Her name was Lee. I knew I would come back next day – alone. But now I didn't want to be a spoilsport to my buddies.

We 3 men walked in another bar. After a while everybody had a girl. The evening developed very funny. Mine was average nice but at least not so hardened as the most women in the bars like that. We all went upstairs in the short time rooms. There was only one shower for all on the 1st floor and we met each other only clothed with a towel. We had fun to pull on each others towels and the girls ran laughing away. I was surprised how much affection my girl gave to me. She showered me tenderly and seduced me smiling to the bed. Then she started a blow job which blew my mind. That was a blow job which I never dared to dream of. I never ever had expect to get anal licked. After a hard work blow job she swallowed my…sorry I left the content in her mouth.

Well, next day I drove with my motorbike to Lee again. She was very happy to see me again. Reserved and distinguished she smiled at me. I told her that I want to barfine her some days and asked for the price. "500 Baht for be and 1500 for me" she said smiling.

I said "what? 2000 LT and ST is only 700 all inclusive? That's not equal! I reminded a term called, home principle' used in such bars. "I mean for one night it's ok, maybe. But I want you for several days. What about a discount? I would say 1000 Baht is ok, 300 for the bar and 700 for you."

She seemed to understand the main. "Me ok," she said smiling, "baa no!" and she rejected with both hands.

"I try", I said and spoke with mamasan.

"No, I cannot", she said, but I noticed she would like to do, "speak with the bar owner, he is German. He is shopping and will be back soon".

I waited for the bar owner, an old dude. He looked pretty friendly but surely could be other way round too. I spoke German and polite with him "Hallo Chef, I want to barfine Lee for several days".

"Oh, I cannot", he said, "I have not enough girls. Normally it's no problem, but not now, the young girls are rare. Sorry, take her short time or for maximal one night, that's better…for you too, mate! For you too, believe me. I know these despairing stories only too well!"

Lee and me looked heart melting at each other and then to the bar owner. "Ok, ok", he said with a sigh, "you can take her 2 days, then I want her back"! Mamasan smiled, apparently she was glad that Lee got a break from her short time jobs. Then I asked for a discount of the barfine.

"Are you kidding? I don't want to let her go at all! I don't know where to get young girls, without the girls I get no customers. I earn more money if Lee stays here and takes drinks out of the visitors and then you want a lower barfine? Hahaha! Actually I don't want to let her go at all"!

I quickly changed the theme "What is the problem with the girls? I heard that all bars are suffering to have no girls, that in the past the bars were bursting of women. Doesn't come girls from the country anymore?"

"In Pattaya are more women then ever been here, thousands come every day. But they are old and not beautiful anymore. Every day 20 women around the age of 30 knock on my door and want to work. I don't need such women, they scare off my customers. The young girls are just not interested anymore. I don't know why, they don't come anymore. And Pattaya has just to many bars, there are bars too much"!

Lee touched my arm. She couldn't understand us Germans but she noticed that my negotiation failed. She said, "me 500, ok" and she smiled.

I was moved. Isn't that a nice thing? When a bargirl values your company more than the money? I love that.

10 minutes later we sat on my motorbike. She didn't know anything about Pattaya outside of her bar. Allegedly she just arrived 2 weeks ago, but that they say always. I was surprised that she had never been on the beach, never been out of a distance of 20 meters from her bar. She just knew the gloomy bar, the short time room and the next food stall. I was shocked about her mental state. Away from her bar which she saw as a kind of home she was frightened about everything in the environment. As far as I could understand her she had never been in a city at all. She only used to live in a small village before and knew all people around her well. The amount of strange people around frightened her. The big buildings, the traffic, the noise, everything seemed monstrous and full of danger for her. She clung at me to cover her. She never dared to go far from her bar in worries to get lost. I know that many bargirls like to push our emotional buttons. But Lee's fate was to hard to believe in a scam.

I decided to take her to a quiet place to chat with her. I drove the hill in south Pattaya up to the radio station. There's a soldier monument too. It's a nice place to relax from the noise of Pattaya. You can see over the whole city. You can have some food and beer from a stall and sit on some rocks. Lee looked astonished over the big city. Buildings from one horizon to the other. Pattaya in the north, Jomtien in the south.

"Pattaya sooo big"! She was stunned. In the same way she was astonished about the big ocean. She never saw such an outlook before. She often looked in my eyes and wanted to say something, but she didn't find words to tell me.

"Pattaya too big – me aflaid. Farang – me aflaid." She stuttered. "Farang angly – Farang me want – want me do I no like do." With our small mutual vocabulary she tried to tell me how she feared farang. That farang can become very angry and force her to do things she abhorred. As well she tried to beg me not to be angry with her and not to force her to do the ugly things.

"No," I promised her truly, I never be angry with you. I have understanding for you. Please don't be afraid".

"You not like him, no", she responded and shook hopefully her head. "No, I'm not", I said inspiring confidence.

We took seat on the rocks at the slope. The plants around protected us for unwished views. Then she went away and asked me to wait. She quickly came back to surprise me with some food, a coke for her and a beer for me. That are the moments you forget to deal with a hooker. She leaned on me and we watched the sunset over the Gulf Of Siam.

She was so devoted to me. She always clung on me and often looked into my eyes, yearning, begging. As if she wanted something from me, something she couldn't explain. But her eyes spoke volumes. She looked at me as if I could save her, help her out of her fate. The same way she cuddled up to me in the bed. I felt her smooth skin on me and my thumbs passed over her cheeks, as if I could wipe away the sad shadows under her eyes. Sexual intercourse was more familiar to her than talking to strangers or crossing a traffic light. No refusal at all. On the contrary, her affection showed me that I was not…like him.

The next day I drove around with Lee to show her some spots of the city. It was exciting for her to see a market, a shopping center, the ships on the beach. But she disliked Beach Road and refused to enter Walking Street. She was very scared of the kind of people there and the dubious atmosphere. I had overexerted her a bit and at end we relaxed on the pool of my hotel. I tried to persuade her to change the bar. To work in a beer bar where she could avoid punters she dislikes. And where she isn't forced to do the things she abhorred. "No," she denied, "me sister in bar. Me and sister in bar same same." She shook firmly her head. "I must work bar me sister." She was so immature and naive. I guess her sister was a heartless beast. A spoiled character with no other emotions than jealousy to Lee and pushy. I wouldn't wonder if she charges Lees salary. I think Lee will break down in this bar. Nobody in her environment was interested to change her situation. Everybody profited from her. But Lee was the only young and beautiful girl in the bar, most likely in the whole soi. I could imagine that she was frequented much more than the other girls. From men who had no scruples to order the service as usual. I couldn't convince her to take her future in her own hands. She never learned self-determination. She was used to be led. The way she clung to me, the way she looked in my eyes, she expressed her hope that I could lead her away. A burden that depressed me. We took dinner at a place with a lot of food stalls. You can get food there from every province of Thailand, from Laos, Cambodia and elsewhere. Lee chose and was funny to feed me with her native food. She watched my reactions and laughed. I was happy when she smiled, unfortunately it was barely.

In the night I cuddled her hair and was sad. She was a puppet in adults Disneyland, the bed her element where she had seen it all and done it all. And nevertheless she was innocent like a child to me. I was glad that her company ended next day. I couldn't sustain the burden of her fate anymore. But the rest of the time I clung at her. It felt like a fist in my gut when she disappeared behind the curtains in the entry of her bar. A bar that usually is the end of the road for a prostitute and not the beginning.

At the end some words to Tom (name changed, but some might know who). Please forgive me for making you the villain. You are actually a nice guy and I want to stay your friend. It's great to prowl with you. Some may find it silly of me to feel pity with bargirls but I think we shouldn't shut down our feelings too much. The last and often only justice
is our conscience. We shouldn't suppress it to cause no human harm.

Stickman says:

Bordering on a sex maniac report, I almost didn't include this. But I have to admit that Bulli's English is somewhat charming and certain aspects of this story made me erupt in laughter. On the other hand, it also throws up a few issues worthy of more than a passing moment's thought.

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