In Focus, Bangkok Photography Blog April 9th, 2011

Column Update

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In Focus Bangkok Images Weekly has been suspended while I make the transition back to America. I hope to resume publication of this column on July 16th, 2011,
IF I receive enough material from the readers between now and then, to use to complete the Feature Photograph and Feature Destination areas.

It is my hope this column morphs into a 'user published' column where it's mostly your great work, and I'm just the guy writing reviews, tutorials, and doing the editing work to get it
up on line. I know this is a new concept for Thailand centric users, but I really think it can work. This will truly be YOUR photography column where your travels and work are shared to benefit others. What could be better than that?

He Clinic Bangkok

I've received really nice letters and many have promised to contribute. You can send your material to me anytime, the sooner the better, to and I'll prepare and archive
it to be used when the column resumes.

Thank you


CBD bangkok

Between now and then I'll still find some time to write small pieces, not enough for an column, but perhaps enough to keep it fun. I'll share the links here along with a brief description. Scroll down for the "For Sale" items.

This week I had time for two small pieces I'd like to share:

My thoughts on photography forum guru's and the quest for thePerfect Camera.

I also reviewed the highly compatible Asus PCE-N13 PCI-Express Wireless-N card.

wonderland clinic

I'm tickled with this. Stop by myWhat's New page and view the live feed from an eagles nest where the two parent eagles are hatching
their young and raising them in the nest. You can view them 24/7 and it's actually very interesting and fun to watch!

Dana submitted a fun Thailand Photo Story titled"He's A Photographer!" I think Dana's Thailand Photo Stories are some of his best work ever. You'll want to check them out.

As part of my moving experience I'm going to offer up my best lenses. These lenses I'll replace once I get to the states, and maybe they'll help someone here get a lens at a stateside price. All of my lenses are serviced every 6 months
at Canon Thailand and you've seen the results in my column for 3 years now. You know what kind of images they capture. They all come with the original accessories and cases, but not boxes:

Canon 300mm F2.8L IS 120,000 baht

Canon 24m F3.5 TSE 35,000 baht

Canon 85mm F1.2L 55,000 baht

Canon 135mm F2L 30,000 baht

Canon 70-200mm F2.8L IS 55,000 baht

Canon 16-35mm F2.8L 32,000 baht

Sigma 12-24mm F4-5.6 20,000 baht

Other household items for sale:

Samsung RS21DSLSG. You can see the exact model advertised at this link. 35,000 baht. We just had new door seals installed and a complete service about two weeks ago. Cleaned like
new. This model is unique in that it has two separate cooling systems, one for the freezer (sub zero) and the other for the refrigerator. So smells and temperatures remain independent.

Samsung H1245A front load washer. You can see the exact model advertised at this link. Also recently serviced and cleaned. 25,000 baht.

Whirlpool American Style Clothes Dryer. You can see the exact model advertised at this link. Works like new. Comes with a custom built outdoor cover.

Racechip Pro with two wiring harnesses for the latest model Vigo/Fortuner, and the previous generation Vigo/Fortuner. You can see them new at this link. I was surprised how well this really
works increasing both power and mileage exactly as advertised.

Epson TX600fw All-in-One thatI reviewed here. Print/Fax/Scan/Copy/Photos/Card Reader And you can see on the Epson site here. This has been a totally reliable printer, not even a paper feed
jam. A week ago I replaced all the ink cartridges with original Epson replacement cartridges at a cost of 2800 baht. I need this till the 25th, but then you can have it for 3000 baht.

APC UPS Model PRO/AVR 1500VA and you can see it online here. 4000 baht. Available on the 25th.

APC UPS Model Back-UPS 650. 2500 baht Available on the 25th.

TP-Link W8960n Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router which I reviewed here. Hands down this is the best modem/router
for use in Thailand. This one works perfectly and is only a few months old. Available on the 28th. 2000 baht.

nana plaza