In Focus, Bangkok Photography Blog April 2nd, 2011

Column Update

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In Focus Bangkok Images Weekly has been suspended while I make the transition back to America. I hope to resume publication of this column on July 16th, 2011,
IF I receive enough material from the readers between now and then, to use to complete the Feature Photograph and Feature Destination areas.

It is my hope this column morphs into a 'user published' column where it's mostly your great work, and I'm just the guy writing reviews, tutorials, and doing the editing work to get it
up on line. I know this is a new concept for Thailand centric users, but I really think it can work. This will truly be YOUR photography column where your travels and work are shared to benefit others. What could be better than that?

He Clinic Bangkok

I've received really nice letters and many have promised to contribute. You can send your material to me anytime, the sooner the better, to and I'll prepare and archive
it to be used when the column resumes.

Thank you


CBD bangkok

Between now and then I'll still find some time to write small pieces, not enough for an column, but perhaps enough to keep it fun. I'll share the links here along with a brief description.

In case you missed my closing column last week you can read it here, The Future.

Have you ever wanted the fasted ever Compact Card flash memory reader for your PC? Check this out!

Bird compositions are tough! I talk about them a bit in this article.

wonderland clinic

And finally some musings addressing the ever present debate Does Equipment Matter.

Look back next week, if I have more I'll share it here, each and every week until the column resumes. Some things to look forward to are a new Fuji X100 initial report followed by a full review and tons of images. The Fuji X100 is a game changer!


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