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I’m sorry, but there will be no column this Saturday. I caught a terrible head/cold/fever/stuffy nose/headache sort of thing from a client last week and couldn’t shake it in time to draft a proper column. I also was forced to postpone my trip to Mae Hong Son.

Fortunately I recovered enough by Thursday to make the trip to Mae Hong Son but that didn't happen either because of some issues here locally. This has been one heck of a week. I think instead of trying to make up for lost time and hurry forward, I'll just accept the lost ground which includes a few more days off for relaxation. Sometimes these things happen, but for me personally the absolute worst part is when you tell friends you'll be some place, and they go out of their way to secure a room for you or help you in some other way, and then you appear to flake out on them.

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If you feel in need of a photography fix I encourage you to head over to our website, and check out our new site. Functionally it’s very similar to the last one, except it works and looks a heck of a lot better. It’s also faster.

Poke around in the galleries and look for the “full screen” button in the right hand side of the control panel. This gives you a nice 1900×1200 full screen image, or on some older galleries 1600×1200. Enough to really appreciate the image.

The articles section contains 11 different blogs, over 1000 posts, and a world of information all ‘searchable’ on the pages individual search bar. You can find almost anything here.

CBD bangkok

The Home Page contains a weather information panel giving you complete weather updates in the Bangkok area, and I’ve also included an exchange rate section showing the 8 most common currencies in relation to the baht. At the bottom of the page is a fun carrousel of images, take a look. You can make it go faster, change direction, enlarge the pictures..

The What’s New page is where you’ll find a complete ticker of whatever is new or changed on the site including a new image or news item most every day. You’ll also find a list of the most recent articles, links to the galleries, a site search bar, weather panel, and much more.

The Members Café contains fun Thailand Photo stories with our very own Dana making the first two posts, and user galleries so you can register and upload your own galleries and share them with other site users.

Enjoy the new site and we’ll be back next week with a fun column.

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