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Biker Bart Special

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Biker Bart has been a frequent contributor to the column for quite some time and feedback shows his images to be popular. Bart travels South East Asia (SEA) regularly organizing and attending biker events and covering them through the lens of his Nikon.
The images he's sharing today aren't topical SEA but they're interesting images just the same and I thought you guys would get a kick out of knowing a bit more about Bart, so I asked him to do a short write up and I'd then
run a special. Here it is! Enjoy his images and we'll be back with you next week with our regular column.

This image from Biker Bart shows his knack for telling an entire story with a single picture.

He Clinic Bangkok

Red Shirt Effect


How are you all today?

CBD bangkok

As you look over my photos you may have some thoughts and even questions that range far and wide. I will try to suppose what you may be interested in and try to cover it as best I can.

Anaheim Fullerton 4 year Anniversary

I started shooting when I ended a long term relations ship and bought a professional type camera to legitimize my appearance. It is hard to gain respect in the photographic world without respectable gear. You are judged by the size of your lens – yes
size matters. So armed with a professional looking unit – though certainly not top of the line – I began shooting photos of cars, motorcycles and people that would stand still long enough to not blur the image. One day I picked up a motorcycle
magazine that said "send us your photos" so I went about in search of a girl near a motorcycle and had her stand a little closer – I was published and that began my semi-professional career.
I grew more confident with magazine in hand able to show the results of my efforts and being able to assure my subject that she would in fact be the next girl on the page. My emphasis here is capturing feminine beauty in many environments even
though there is certainly other subject matter that can make you famous. I enjoy taking pictures and have evolved into trying to make people feel special when I take their photo and rather than dwelling on whether it will do me any good I think
about how I may have in my own little way contributed to their day. It's good karma.

I only do photography as an adjunct to my other interests and find that carrying a camera adds an additional perspective at events as well as great social interaction. I have found a way to incorporate shooting photos while attending automobile shows,
motorcycle shows, red carpet events, at club level and a few other venues as I stumble upon them. I do not shoot for income as I have a career for that so it is less stressful for me to shoot and provide images in exchange for minimal perks, even
if it is only just admission to the event. The time I devote to this avocation is determined by the events I wish to attend so it is really adding to something I want to do anyways while finding another way to do it that increases my enjoyment.

wonderland clinic

Long Beach Grand Prix

Over the years I have found that it isn't so much about where you are or what you have, as it is about the people around you. I have been in some crummy places and had the best time while I have had the worst time in the finest of venues. Likewise,
for me, photography is about the people and no matter where I am thee are people who enjoy participating in my hobby. I have made some great friendships over the years thanks to my photographic skill as meager as they are which is part of the
beauty of this field. You don't really need to be the best there ever was or will be, just be proficient and you are light years ahead of the point and shoot crowd. I might say that being affiliated with a publication is certainly an added
degree of credibility and it really doesn't matter the size, just get associated and it will grow from there.

L.A. County Indian Dealership Launch

It has been quite a few years now and many thousands of images shot and I humbly admit that I still shoot in auto mode. I find that my camera in most all instances is smarter than I am and take a better picture than if I try to set it manually. I have
been told by professionals that I have a very good ratio of pictures taken to usable pictures which came about from the film days not so long ago. I just didn't have the money to take as many rolls of film and develop them as was necessary
to be professional. All my shots had to count so I learned how to compose a keeper. It has carried over to the digital world but now I can take all the photos necessary to get that one perfect shot, which is what makes a photographer move into
the realm of a professional. Along time ago I asked a professional what it took to be such and he said – take as many pictures as you possibly can. Well now in the digital age everybody has a chance of being able to achieve that goal of taking
an infinite number of photos affordably. I may take hundreds of shots to get that one perfect image, now I can afford it.


Bart –

I want to thank you for your great contribution in this special and for all your contributions over the last year. I really look forward to seeing more!


nana plaza