Bangkok Protests & Coup d'état May 24th, 2014

Coup d’état in Bangkok, Bangkok Bar Opening Times Tonight

The bars and bar areas have long been a law unto themselves and many are throwing caution to the wind and plan to remain open later than they are supposed to under the curfew.

Tonight, many bars in Nana Plaza plan to open until 11 PM, and some, especially beer bars on Soi Nana, may well be open considerably later.

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Tonight, at least some bars in Patpong will open until at least midnight. From tomorrow night bars in Patpong will resume regular hours i.e. they will be open until at least 2 AM, if not later.

There has been no word from any bars in Soi Cowboy so I cannot comment on what is happening there this evening.

Nataree and other large, Thai-style massage parlours on Rachadapisek Road will be open until midnight.

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Do note, however, that you are not supposed to be out after 10 PM. There have been no reports of foreigners getting in trouble for breaking the curfew, but who knows how a policeman or soldier might deal with a foreigner who had a few drinks in him and
was caught out late. Also, it should be noted that it may be much more difficult than usual to get a taxi late at night, and as such if you are out after curfew you might want to consider partying in the bar area nearest to where you live / are