Thailand Personality Interviews

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In an effort to find out what some Thai personalities think about life in Thailand, I introduced this section to the site.  My initial intention was to try to conduct about one new interview a month but time proved to be something I didn't have enough of and this goal was never met.

Originally the initial interviews were stand alone pieces added to the interviews section of the site but later interviews were run as the opening piece of the weekly column.

I will attempt to interview only well known and / or famous people.  If there is anyone who you would like to see interviewed, please let me know, and I'll do my best to get in contact with them.


Stephen Leather30/1/2001
Christopher G Moore1/2/2001
Jake Needham16/2/2001
Dean Barrett6/3/2001
Bruce Veldhuisen17/6/2001
Nick Nostitz23/6/2001
Nicolas Merriwether13/2/2002
Captain Courageous21/5/2004
David Young21/5/2004
Bernard Trink (part 1)8/8/2004
Bernard Trink (part 2)15/8/2004
Boss Hogg (part 1)13/2/2005
Boss Hogg (part 2)27/2/2005
Mekhong Kurt22/5/2005
Pin of Bangkokmates10/7/2005
Bangkok Phil4/9/2005
Lawrence Lynch11/9/2005
Doug Harrison of Bourbon Street9/4/2006
Barry Kenyon, British Honorary Consul (Pattaya)4/6/2006
Warren Olson13/8/2006
Marc of The Eden Club24/9/2006
Andrew Hicks24/6/2007
Lawrence Lynch (second interview)2/3/2008
Howard Miller, head of Pattaya One22/6/2008
Greg Lange14/9/2008
Bruce Veldhuisen28/9/2008
Simon Gunn, Channah Thailand19/10/2008
Christopher Moore (second interview)30/11/2008
Gordon Sharpless5/4/2009
Nick Nostitz (round 2)30/8/2009
After Dark Magazine owners4/10/2009
Conan Stevens1/11/2009
Benjawan Becker17/1/2010
Nanapong Marc7/2/2010
Dean Barrett (second interview)20/2/2011
Marc Holt6/3/2011
Jerry Hopkins 26/2/2012
Jake Needham (second interview) 11/3/2012

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