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“Teacher Tim” is Tim Torkildson, who was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Before becoming an ESL professional, Tim led a most interesting life, first as a circus clown, and then as a radio newscaster.

While visiting friends in Bangkok several years ago it was casually suggested that he take the TESOL certification course at TEFL International, on the Gulf Coast in Ban Phe, near Rayong.  His friends thought he might like teaching in Thailand.  More on a whim than for any other reason, Tim took the course and became totally enamoured with introducing Thais to the mysteries and joys of the English language.

After several years of successful ESL teaching in Bangkok, Tim returned to the States for some further education and then moved back to Thailand for good in 2009.  He now works for TEFL International as their Communications Specialist, and has also been involved in online ESL teaching.

Tim says “I really enjoy working with people, especially recent college graduates, who want to take control of their life and not wait around for that big job break back home; these are the people who make outstanding students and then outstanding teachers here in Thailand and elsewhere.”

Founder and CEO of TEFL International, Bruce Veldhuisen, says “Tim is an outstanding communicator, with a daffy and endearing sense of humour that works well with Thais and farangs alike. I  plan on giving him a big raise in the very near future!”



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