Pussy Hunting in Thailand 3
By Aha Wendigo

Here I am again Stickies your old friend Aha with some good advice to help you become a manly stud just like me and Bart. Today we will go pussy hunting for sure. I will tell you some secrets for you to go out and find FREE PUSSY. Yes there is plenty of free pussy out there but you have to know how to go pussy hunting like me and Bart.

Before I start I ask you will forgive my friend Bart for his outrage today. He is so upset cos one of his friends married a bar girl the other day. Bart was at the wedding. Me I stayed propped up at my favorite bar. I can’t stand watching another train wrek. It was terrible to see Bart crying so hard when he arrived at our favorite cocktail lounge where I was being consoled by a big-breasted white girl from Holland. It was awful seeing a big grown man like he reduced to tears. That is a sight you never will want to see. Not that the tears are bad. It is a sign of a sensitive caring man.

Sure I know the groom too and he asked me to go to the wedding but I don’t go to funerals either. That is what it was. The death of a lively gregarious man reduced to slavery for a pussy. You mark my words, that wife of his will leave him a rotted hulk. Me and Bart we will be there for him when he wakes up from the nightmare though. That’s what buddies are for, eh?

No need to dwell on such a somber subject. Men do the stupidest things for a bit of pussy as you and me know. We’ve done it ourselves but lived to tell the tale. If you go out only looking for a bit of pussy – any pussy you will only get the bottom feeders, eh? Sure it is easy to walk into a bar and find a whore. Any whore as long as she meets your standards. In most cases that means she has the equipment. How about the brain to go with it? How can you consider a long term relationship with a woman you cannot talk to? There is no fun in that. The best fun is hunting women who give you a mental challenge. It’s not hard but how many of you know this? Instead you take the easy way out and waste all that money on whores. Why? It doesn’t make sense. You run the risk of getting STDs or AIDS. You know the girl will lie and steal from you. Maybe not steal your money but for sure she will steal your self-confidence, your happiness, and she will surely steal your heart and make you think you are IN LOVE. Aha! Aha! What suckers you are. We have a saying in Samoa about a pussy whipped man; E gase le pa'a i lona vae.  (literally: When a crab is caught it is pierced with its own leg. The actual meaning: Someone who comes to grief as a result of their own actions. Deep eh?)

Anyway, I wanting to tell you today how my buddy and me attract the ladies. Me I don’t mind giving away a few secrets. It’s for sure you will never be a serious threat to Bart and me. So me I will be happy if I help make you a little bit happy. We Samoans are like that.

The first thing you need to do is realize that you are planning to hunt a better class prey. You need to dress and look the part. Throw away your shorts and flip flops. Go out and invest in some stylish clothes that fit you well. Me I threw away my lava-lava and bought some good quality clothes from my best Indian friend Rajiv at the tailor shop on the corner of Soi Nana. He understands what you need when a man want to look he best. Maybe before you buy new clothes you need to start getting into shape. What woman is going to want an ugly old barstad with a beer gut and bad breath? Yes you go looking in the mirror now you see who I mean. No. You have to clean up your act and get into training for the hunt. Look good, feel good, and work out to get the strength you need to perform better. If you are a bit intelligent you could try reading some interesting books so that you can talk to your woman on a wide variety of subjects. Women like a man to talk with. They look inside your head before they decide to sleep with you. That’s what they do yeah? You don’t have to be an Adonis. Just look, smell, and feel good and talk about topics that interest them and you are almost there. Me you know is not so well educated but I have taken the trouble to work out what women like and I provide it for them. This is the bait.

When you have made these cosmetic changes it is time to go out hunting. So where do we go? Me I can tell you stay away from the usual places where all the other fat, ugly, beer-swilling foreigners congregate. No. You want to go somewhere the stylish beautiful women go for fun. Hotel discos are ok but way too noisy if you want to chat up ladies. Anyway classy women rarely go to discos that are alright if you are hunting younger rich girl pussy. Bart and me really like a high class woman better. An older woman in her thirties is the best prey of all. You will find them at social functions at high class hotels. You don’t worry about getting in. It is so easy if you know. Wait until all the guests have already signed in and gone to sit at their tables. By then the reception will pack up and you can just walk in.

Be careful that you don’t stick out. Not your pants stupid! I mean don’t look like you don’t belong! Walk in the door like you own the place. Be confident. Stop a few feet inside and survey the room. Look for an empty space at a table. If you can take a bottle of good quality wine with you. Even if the function already supplies wine your should be better quality. Share the wine with the people at the table you choose and they will welcoming you.

Another place to go pussy hunting is in the high class shopping centers. Sit down at one of the coffee shops with tables outside and watch the people passing buy. When you see a woman you fancy follow her first to make sure she is not going to meet a husband or boyfriend. Then use a subtle approach. Compliment her on her appearance. Or step up and open a door just as she is entering a building. Then walk with her and talk. Women like a confident man who shows interest.

Have you ever been to church? Try some of the churches near you. While you sit bored out of your mind watch the pretty women. The ones who look just as bored as you are only their because they have to be. They are your targets.

Now I think that is enough good advice today but I will leave with an ancient Samoan story. I hope you learn something today and enjoy this story ok?

A Samoan Legend – How we got fire in Samoa

Long ago, there was a time when the Samoans had no fire. We had to eat all our food raw. In those days there lived a woman named Talaga whose baby son was born prematurely. Thinking it would not survive, she threw the baby into the sea. Fortunately, the child was washed ashore just as an old man was passing by. He took the child home and cared for him. The boy grew to be strong and handsome.

One day the man met Talaga on the road and recognized her immediately as the child's mother. He explained to her how he found the baby, whereupon she knew the man was telling the truth. Overjoyed at seeing her son, Talaga carried the boy home on her shoulder. Soon, the child became known as Ti'eti'e-a-Talaga ("Riding on Talaga").

Ti'eti'e's father arose early every morning and went off by himself. Though he told his family he was going to work, no one knew where he went. As Ti'eti'e grew to manhood, he desired to know where his father worked. One day he followed his elderly father to see where he would go. The old man went inland until he arrived at the face of a mountain. Ti'eti'e climbed a Nonu tree1 to watch what would happen next. In wonder, he heard his father speak to a rock that lay against the mountain. "Rock divide!" he said. Suddenly the rock divided and the old man entered a hidden cave! As soon as he entered, the rock closed again.

Ti'eti'e jumped down and went up to the rock, giving the same command his father had. The rock opened, and Ti'eti'e went inside. There he beheld a large plantation, in which his father was working. Upon seeing his son, the old man came over. "You must leave this place,” he said. "This cave is owned by the earthquake god, Mafui'e. He is a cannibal! If he finds you here, he will kill you." But Ti'eti'e did not want to leave.

Just then he became aware of the marvelous odor. "What's that smell?" he asked. Ti'eti'e followed the odor to the pit where a fire was roasting some taro. Nearby were some freshly cooked taro and pig. Ti'eti'e picked up a piece of taro and tasted it. "This is delicious!" he said. He turned to his father and asked, "Why do we not prepare our food in this manner?" 

"We cannot, " his father replied nervously. "The fire belongs to Mafui'e.

"I will take some of it back with me."

"No, you mustn't! Mafui'e is the only one who can eat cooked food. Now, please go back before he sees you!" But it was too late. The demon had spied Ti'eti'e eating his food, and lunged toward the intruder. Ti'eti'e caught the cannibal by his arms and wrestled with him. Ti'eti'e twisted the god's arm so hard it snapped off. Mafui'e roared in agony. "Let me go!" he cried. "Let me go and I will give you my hundred wives."

"I don't want your wives," Ti'eti'e responded. "I want some fire. Let me take it with me or I'll twist your other arm off!"

"Take it!" answered Mafui'e, giving in. "If it goes out, you can rekindle it by rubbing two pieces of wood together."

Ti'eti'e released the cannibal and took some fire home with him. Ever since that day, Samoans have used fire to cook their food.

Goodbye from Aha and Bart. We are going out Pussy Hunting so no more time to give you the benefit of our experience any more. This is our last submission. Maybe one day you will see us. We are out there getting all the best pussy. Can you do it too? Good hunting!

1. The Nonu tree is endemic to many of the Polynesian islands and is widely acknowledged for its medicinal properties.

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