Psycho Thai Bitches Online
By Cheerful Farang

When I resumed my pursuit of Thai babes online I never knew I would discover that they are remarkably similar in their behaviour, habits, wants and attitudes to their bargirl sisters.

I have previously written of my experience with a girl from TF, that’s As Stickman mentioned in his online round-up a few weeks back, that site has been ruined. The women on there get hit on by 10+ English teachers every day and the chances of getting a nice girlfriend from that site, or even a quick shag, are mathematically difficult.

I had all but given up on the online game until Stickman told us of ThaiLoveLinks. I checked out the site and signed up for an account. It's is huge and at any one time there are around 1,000 users online. There are plenty of options but as a non paying user there’s little you can do. I bit the bullet and paid the $25 fee for a one-month membership.

Very soon I was swapping messages and contact details with many, many women. 20 – 30 Thai hotties a day would hit on me and it got to the point that my online chat program kept crashing due to the sheer volume of women I was talking with! I had to play all sorts of games with the woman I was talking to while trying to keep others on hold. Note: this is not a good idea. They get clued in to what you’re up to and lose interest fast. With so many guys on the site, they have just as many options as you do.

Within 48 hours of becoming a member I met my first TLL girl.

Girl #1

We met at the local shopping centre which is a short distance form my apartment. I was not feeling 100% but she insisted on meeting. We had a bit to eat at MK and then she asked me what I had planned for usthat evening. I was a bit taken aback and explained that it was her idea to meet and I had nothing lined up and besides, I was not feeling so good. She suggested we head back to my apartment. Who was I to complain?

We get back to my place and within minutes of flicking on the TV to the local Thai music channel, she is snuggled up next to me. 30 minutes later my jeans are around my ankles and she is giving me the blowjob from heaven. She was so good that I was tempted to check out the gallery on the Lolita’s site to see if she was a former employee.

After taking care of my needs, entirely pf her own volition with no coaxing from me she proudly announced that I had a fever. Tell me something I don’t already know, honey! She said that she should go home and leave me to relax. She then said something which caught me out. “Now me and you are boyfriend / girlfriend!” I nodded. I mean just a few minutes earlier she had been polishing the bishop. What was I supposed to say?!

I walked her downstairs, past security and saw her into a taxi and returned upstairs.

I pottered around my hong and a little later I was back online at the TLL site. I was not signed into any online chat program. Suddenly my email starts going crazy with all of these incoming emails. The BJ queen was sending me all sorts of abuse, telling me what a sod I was and now that I was her girlfriend I had to deactivate my TLL account and all sorts of other crazy stuff. I told her that she had mental issues and to calm down.

The abuse continued so I blocked her email address and blocked her on the TLL site. The next day she called me and threatened to kill me. I laughed and told her to get real before hanging up. I never did hear from her again.

Girl #2

The next bird was kind of interesting. She interested me because she had a unique look. She was southern and from down that way they are quite different in their appearance to the usual Bangkok or Isaan girls most farang end up with.

She was an accountant, 31 years old, but still in very good shape.

We chatted rather innocuously but she quickly turned up the heat. She asked me turn on my webcam so she could see what I looked like and I was only too happy to oblige (A webcam is a must if you play the online game.)

When I asked her to turn on hers she said it was broken. I quietly groaned to myself, knowing that she was most likely coming up with an excuse not to use it. She probably didn’t like me and was doing the Thai thing of refusing to hurt someone’s feelings.

She then however offered to send me some pictures of herself. I said that was fine and she started sending me pictures. 4 large, hi-res pictures, to be precise.

Well, my eyes almost popped out of head when I saw the first one. There she was, sitting on her sofa, naked, and fingering herself. The next three were all variants of the first. All were taken with a mobile phone camera but the quality was surprisingly good – large and clear.

Now I know many women take such pictures but almost never do you see someone put their face and genitals in the same picture. Here I had four!

She then starts telling me in explicit detail what she wants to do with me that night. She was insistent that I perform oral sex on her for an extended period. She went into great detail.

It was a week night and she explained that she was working near Emporium and that I should meet her at the Prom Pong sky train station at 6:30 and she would join me and we’d go back to my place together. She called me to confirm, a little after 4 PM.

For the next half hour EXTREME dirty talk continued and she sent me all these little sex icons. To say I was horned up and ready to go was an understatement! I straightened up the apartment, had a shower, put on my best threads and headed out.

It is a bit of a distance from my place to the Emporium but I arrived early and killed some time wandering around, waiting for her.

I headed down to the access way into Emporium from the shopping centre, where we had planned to meet. 6:40 and she had not arrived so I gave her a call. She was still at work and said her boss had asked her to do something and that she would be another hour. I said no problem. I would wander around Emporium and wait.

She said for me not to bother and that I should go home instead! What?! Here I was all horned up and she told me to go home. She then told me she had lost interest!

Now I was pissed off and I couldn’t hold back. I told her she was a cock teaser and a time waster and I was seriously pissed off. She countered saying it had all been a big joke and that she had never intended to do anything!

My blood pressure was going through the roof and for some stupid reason I said that I would find out where she worked and send the pictures and transcript of the conversation to her boss. I don’t know why I said that – because there is no way I would ever do that, but man was I pissed. I hung up.

30 seconds later the phone rings and of course it's her. She tells me she will come to the Emporium as quickly as she can. I wait out in the heat, scanning the area, looking for her but don't see her anywhere.

Half an hour later she turns up.

In person she is not hot, but that said, I still would have done her. She looks me up and down and says that we are not “partners” and that she cannot do it. Fine, no problem, I respect that. But I give her a piece of my mind, in loud Thai in a public area, asking her why she sent me nude pictures of herself and why she said she wanted to have sex with me when in fact she had no intention of ever doing it. It was an ugly scene and I should have walked away. But this bitch had made crazy promises and even confirmed by phone.

I told her what I thought of her, told her not to waste people’s time and walked away. She looked relieved.

Girl #3

Living up north, a little south of Chiang Mai, she was just one of many girls on "my list" and I had never paid her a great amount of attention due to her geographic location. I mean, I was hardly going to pursue a bit of how’s your father or a relationship with a woman located some 500 km away, was I?

But it has to be said her pictures were nice, her English quite good, and she seemed to be friendly.

Anyway, I had the chance to travel up north and I remembered her so I contacted her and mentioned that I would be coming up north and if at all possible it would be nice to meet her and perhaps have a coffee.

Well, wouldn’t you know it but she was ultra keen now. She invited me to stay with her and sent me pictures of her house - which looked like a decent house in the West, far from a typical rural Thai shack. She explained that she had to work Monday to Friday but if I couldbe there for the weekend she would look after me and show me around. It sounded great and a date was set.

She then started asking me about sleeping arrangements. She asked me if I would be ok sleeping in a room alone. I indicated that that was no problem.  She then asked me if it would be ok if I slept with her. That would be ok too, I told her. She then asked me if I could sleep with her in her bed and have sex with her. She went into detail that she had not had sex for a while and she just wanted no strings attached sex. Of course, this was the ultimate prospect! The visit up north was going to be even better!

A couple of days later, still a few days before my intended departure she tells me that there has been a change of plan and that she has to come to Bangkok to take care of some urgent business. She asks if she can stay with me while she is down here and of course I say yes.

I ask why she has to come down here so hurriedly and she says that she has some urgent business to take care of and that time is of the essence. It must be done now. I wonder if she has some guy she is meeting but think what the hell, she can do him and then do me! I don’t push it.

The next day online I ask her again and she tells me that the reason for her visit is a secret. I push her and she says that she lost a million baht to a con man and that she is coming to Bangkok to arrange to have him killed!

I tell her that she is joking and she insists that no, she isn’t. She starts telling me about it and seems to know rather more about such things than one ought to. She gave sufficient detail for me to think that it most likely was true.

She arrives in Bangkok in the evening and calls me, explaining that she has matters to take care of and that she will call me later and that she still wants to stay with me. I say ok.

Bugger me if she calls me at 1:30 in the morning and says that she has done what she came to do and now she wants to come and see me! I am freaking out and make excuses that I am tired and I will see her when I go north. She seems to accept that and we don’t speak again.

She returns north the next morning. We still chat online. Despite obvious trepidation I am still hopeful of doing the dirty deed with her.

Girl #4

Calling herself the totally daft name of Jeelee, this little nymph from Khon Kaen was the biggest liar I have met so far. And I have met a fair few!

She claimed to have a good job in that large building on Wireless Road, opposite the US Embassy. She claimed many things – and that is the problem with chatting online, you just cannot be sure of what is true and what is not.

We'd only chatted online for about 30 minutes but it was a Friday afternoon and I fancied a date so I invited her to meet me for a meal and a movie to which she agreed.

Always gearing the dates "in my favour", I invited her to the local shopping centre. I immediately knew something was up. The way she dressed, the way she spoke and the general way she carried herself was not that of a girl who had graduated from university and held an office job. This was a girl who had just stepped out of the rice fields more likely. But she was cute and fun nonetheless so I let it go. She was not a one-night target, with no possibility of a longer term.

We had a pleasant meal and caught a movie at which point I suggested retiring to my place for a night cap. She was in – and I thought I was too.

Back at my place, we settle on to the sofa, and I do the usual, tuning the TV into the Thai music channel. I fix us each a drink, dim the lights and wait for the alcohol to advance the mood.

A couple of drinks later and her body language suggests that she is ready for a bit of attention. My arm slowly drifts across and brushes hers. She withdraws it lightning fast! I am a bit surprised but am aware that some women like to play hard. I try again. Same reaction and her body language changes. She gets a bit hunched up. What’s this bird up to?!

I wait a few minutes and try again. This time my approach is met by hysterical screaming, so loud that it must have been heard by half the residents of the building. Thank goodness there are no security guards nearby for they would have called the police at that moment, no doubt! No naughty groping, just pushing my hand against hers. By God, if screaming could break windows hers would have popped out every window in the building.

I didn’t want any more of this nonsense. The apartment door was opened and she was given the look and told to get out and never come back. She was out in a flash, her feet barely touching the floor as she scuttled off to the lift.

I don’t know what was up with her but I can’t help but think that she had perhaps been abused or taken advantage of at some time. I felt sorry for her, but at the same time, I had no way of knowing she was a headcase.

I have found the online world to be an interesting and easy place to meet Thai women. But don’t be fooled into thinking that these subset of Thai women are any better than the women you meet in the red light areas. The online girls seem to have their own set of issues and I think there is only a slightly better chance of forging a long term relationship with someone you met online than in the naughty bars.

I shan't be extending my membership. One month of psycho bitches is enough!

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Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds like Thai women are Thai women are Thai women.  Is where you meet them relevant?

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