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I Married A Thai Whore


I arrived in Bangkok, Thailand in April 2005, to work the oil patch offshore for a major corporation. Being divorced for the last 7 years back in the U.S., and having virtually no female companions available there to satisfy my midlife crisis years, I immediately realized I had hit the mother lode. You see, in the backwoods of America the ladies are pretty far and few between for a guy like me, who is pushing mid 50.

Being the horny bastard I am, I soon was sampling all the available pretty young things in the Sukhumvit area on my days off. I found a favorite hunting spot on soi 7, the Beer Garden, and begin to earnestly look for a wife. I figured a whore would have one of the main ingredients for the making of a good wife in that she should allow sex any time that I wanted. I met a girl there I’ll call Rin and she was a tiny little ole thing weighing about 43 kilos, with a sad, yet hopeful smile that just begged for me to take her away from her horrible life. After seeing her exclusively for about 3 months I was smitten to the point that I wanted exclusive rights to her sexual favors, and indeed they were worth every baht I was putting in her pocket. she skillfully guided me into a live-in arrangement with her and a 16 year old son from a Thai boyfriend some 18 years ago.

God! Was I na´ve, or did I find what I was looking for? Here’s what I found. All the sex that my 50 year old body could absorb, and then some. After a month of living with Rin, and being with her every night, my eyes would be sunk back in my head and dark circles present underneath. A sure sign of too much, too often. she always stroked my ego in these sexual trysts by moaning and moving in those ways only a passionate Thai woman can.

I begin to believe I was God’s gift to womankind, and at the very least, the answer to Rin’s prayers. Could this be part of a grand scheme to bilk me of my hard-earned money? Surely it was, so I constantly scrutinized every phone call that she took on her ever present mobile and never left her alone. While away at work for a month, I constantly worried and fretted that she was going out with customers and just using me for the extra cash. Reading Stickman and Private Dancer nearly drove me insane. Was my dick in control of my life? Yes, Yes, and Yes! My jealousies grew. Not only could I not understand her conversations when she answered the mobile I had purchased for her, (one very expensive model with all the internet capabilities and all the things really not needed for a cell phone by a soon to be housewife), I begin to believe that every call was from some previous customer, or Thai boyfriend, asking when the idiot was leaving for work again. I begin to rant and rave at her when the phone would ring, and she would rush off to the other room to answer. Something about all the calls just wasn’t right and I would jealously accuse her of still holding on to all the old, “paying,” friends. Pretty soon she would just turn the thing off for the whole month that I was with her. That even pissed me off, because now I thought, she doesn’t want to take a chance on me finding out sho is calling.

I know when I am gone for the month I can always reach her, as the mobile is never off. I even installed a home phone, which she definitely didn’t want, so I would know if she is there or not. Big problem with her now. I am keeping her caged at home like a dog, and she knows this. Doesn’t she understand that she was a whore, and that I can never trust her unless she does exactly what I want, so I will be assured she is finished with the old business? I don’t think so. It’s still a business with her I think. Why the sudden rush for marriage? Why the need to hurry and buy a house and have it paid for in full in 3 - 4 years? Yes, I did these things. Even with all my suspicions and doubts, the dick is still doing the thinking.

We’ve been married a full year this month and live in the house. We fight like cats and dogs when I am at work, because I am constantly calling her at home to see if she is there. She tells me I am only checking up on her and don’t need to call so often, that I don’t trust her. She gets very angry after about the second week of this. I need the reassurance though, since after all, she did tell me one time when we got into a heated argument and she was mad at me, that she never loved me and that her pussy was made to give pleasure to Farangs and she has never stopped selling herself. That resulted in me losing my cookies and beating the living shit out of her <This is quite inexcusable - Stick>. Now, don’t get me wrong as this only happened one time, and afterwards she became really loving and passionate, and made huge efforts to make me happy in every way. I love her too much, and was sick for laying a hand on her, as I was raised to never strike a woman, even one like Rin who was clawing me unmercifully about the face and causing blood to flow. Self-defense in anger, from a 90 lb wildcat does not justify my reaction. I should have walked away, or run, and not let anger rule. Jealousy is evil.

Enough rambling. Some things I found out after I settled down with a Thai whore. They believe that there was nothing wrong in what they were doing for a living, no matter how much you tell them they were just lazy bitches that liked to shag, and their pussy was good enough to sell. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile. There is no end to the ladder of opportunity, with me being the ladder, and there have to be limits set.

If you accuse them of anything negative, be prepared for a different reaction than you would get from a western woman. A western woman would react by telling you to shut-up because she has done nothing. A Thai will explode in anger and not comment on the actual accusation, but instead will be more concerned with the loss of face she feels by being confronted. They just get smarter and more devious in ways to hide their true intentions and to keep any kind of confrontation from happening.

They will always think that their life was more glamorous and exciting when they were selling pussy. They understand that this is something they can always fall back on if needed and are not scared to throw in your face when convenient for them. When they are happy with the way things are going, they will insure you are happy also. Don’t get on their bad side. They always lie and don’t think anything about it. It’s their nature. Tread lightly when you catch them and handle it indirectly and with some lightness, because sugar will catch more flies than vinegar, if you want the truth. Sometimes it is ok to let the guard down, but keep one eye open while allowing some trust to develop in the relationship. Remember it is always about the money and what she can gain from it. Love may never happen, but the dick doesn’t have a heart.

I compare my relationship with my ex-whore / wife, similar to a drug addiction. If I am not careful, it could possibly end up with ruin to my finances and emotions. I don’t know if I am prepared for the final outcome, but am willing to have just one more snort, shot, or puff, of my sexy, little, black haired Isaan girl.

Stickman's thoughts:

I cannot imagine living like that.  Quite simply, jealousy destroys relationships.  While the odds are stacked against them, some guys can make it work with a former working girl.  I am sorry, but from the way this story has been written I would say the odds of things working out in this case are extremely low.  And when things go bad, well, you probably haven't seen anything yet.  It might be time to do a Forrest Gump.  "Run, Forrest, run!"

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