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Come To Papa My Little Brown Baby

By Caveman

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This submission is a response to “Victimless Industry” by “Gecko”, but can be read as a stand-alone piece. It discusses the topic of prostitution, with a special eye to prostitution in Thailand, or soliciting bargirls.

While I believe everything I say, I will come out right now and say that NONE of my remarks are meant to be personal toward anyone, including Gecko, although he may find that hard to believe. That said, I find it hard to muster any respect for his opinion at all; it is parochial at best. Such tunnel vision disgusts me, especially when someone appears that he could be positioning himself simply to take some moral high ground. My gut feeling, at the risk of seeming arrogant, is that my opinions in this piece are shared by many Stickman readers who have not sent in their submissions (the Silent Majority).

First off, I agree that any dumb ass punter who falls for the ridiculous lies of a bargirl and empties his wallet, or lets the bargirl shit all over him (as does Soi Dog, who appears to be suffering from the effects of a botched lobotomy) deserves every negative consequence of his missteps. Darwinism to some extent is actually a good thing, and one that cannot be avoided anyway. If you are that stupid, there is no saving you. What aggravates things on this topic is the fact that no matter how much you try to inform such LOSERS that they are throwing good money after bad, they never listen. You can lead a horse to water.....we must all sleep in the beds we make for ourselves.

“Prostitution is not a victimless industry; in fact, everyone is a victim, from the prostitute, to the john, to his wife, to the health care system, and so on.”

I have never solicited the sexual, escort, or other such services of a woman in any country other than Thailand. I have never felt that I am a victim of any kind. In fact, except for a few isolated instances too few to even bat an eye about, I have had some real fun barfining bargirls in Pattaya. My perception is that they have also benefited from the transaction. The claim above by Gecko is bullshit moralizing. I’m not certain as to whether it is religion based or not (if it is, then it is 100% worthless; otherwise it is maybe 99% worthless), but it makes little difference. I will fully concede that if the punter has a wife, then maybe the punter’s wife is the (often ignorant) victim, but this has NOTHING to do with the fact that the woman he is cheating on his wife with is a bargirl. Would it be any worse if she were a “good” girl? Negative, ghost rider. In fact, that is the only case where I will concede that prostitution is really wrong: in the event that the punter is married. He is violating his sacred wedding vows (and even that is his personal business). In this case, however, the bargirl is innocent. Even if she is aware that the punter is married, she never offered any wedding vows to the punter’s unfortunate wife.

The health care system is a victim? Get a clue. Use a condom. The failure to use a condom is the culprit in affecting the health care system, not the goings-on between a punter and a bargirl. A condom may not be a 100% solution, but if used correctly and with proper precautions to avoid breakage, it’s pretty damned effective.

“Prostitution is not a choice for most women - it is a lack of options. You cannot say these women choose to do this for a living, when they never had anything else to select from”......

Sorry to echo Stick here, but this is just nonsense. There are certainly options for ladies in Thailand other than prostitution. The ones who choose it do so of their own volition. It is wholeheartedly agreed that the options in Thailand for a young lady are sadly limited in comparison with those of a young lady in the US, my home country. But to say that she never had anything else to select from is just WRONG. Put away your crack pipe! Yes, I am aware as to just how low the wages can be for alternative occupations, but that does not mean that there are no alternatives. It’s just that the alternatives do not pay as well, and that it takes far more effort on the lady’s part to earn a high wage. That leads to the question: What is the price a woman is willing to pay to maintain her dignity? The vast majority of beautiful, young, budding Thai princesses are willing to pay that price. Thank Buddha.....

“What men who solicit prostitution do is they drive this industry. You don't have to be the sick freak looking for little girls and boys; you can just be the john sleeping with an adult prostitute.”

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Who drives the industry, the woman spreading her legs or the punter? It makes NO difference here. The key point (and at the end of the day: the bottom line in this entire equation) is that we have 2 consenting adults engaging in an activity to which each of them is entering mutually. That is the only factor that matters. Oh, excuse me, that’s the only factor that matters to those who believe as I do, that it is NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS what I do behind closed doors with a female so long as she consents. It only makes a difference in the pinhead minds of bored moralists who don’t have a fucking life. Get one! You sound like a do-gooder, Hilary Clinto- type who thinks he knows what’s better for me than I do. Well, stay the fuck out of my goddamn bowl of Wheaties! Your bullshit moralizing in the affairs of those who are otherwise getting along in their lives until a “big brother” like you comes along and tries to lay some sort of pathetic guilt trip on all and sundry, is unwelcome. In the words of the now deceased Dick Nixon, let me be perfectly clear: I have no guilt whatsoever in the fact that I have solicited the services of bargirls in Thailand. In fact, in some ways I am proud of it, and further believe that I have spread (not only her legs but) a little cheer each and every time I have dabbled. I have treated the ladies with dignity, compensated them well, fed them, often bought gifts, in some cases had sex with them and sometimes not, and we each parted our separate ways none the worse for wear and tear. Where’s the damage? Don’t give me some overly analytical nonsense argument of some farfetched, long-down-the-road collateral damage crap, either. Don’t make me puke. The key is that we have 2 consenting adults: the opinions and intrusions of outside parties are VERY unwelcome. Go fuck a goat.

“Think of your daughter, your little sister, your niece or nephew, someone you love in your life. Can you imagine him/her being "broken in" and prepared for a life of prostitution?”

You do have a point here, Mr Lizard. I would not want a close relative to become a prostitute. However, that does not mean that either she or her customers are immoral in any way. I simply believe that it is a shame that she ELECTED to choose prostitution as an occupation, thereby electing to sacrifice her personal dignity for material gain. If you are arguing that she is immoral because she is doing harm to herself, again we disagree. We all have a right to do what we wish with our own bodies, so long as that action does not harm another! Are our bodies not ours anyway, by definition? Also, to try to stop someone from doing harm to him/herself when they are really fixed on doing it anyway is useless. You want to drink battery acid? Have at it, bro. Maybe even wash it down with a Jack & Coke so you go out with style. Oh, but make sure you drink enough to do the job right so you don’t burden the health care system.

“Maybe you think because they are little brown people they don't have the same feelings, wants, needs and dreams that you do? Or that you are some kind of god because you can give them $20 and they should suck you off for that?”

What the devil does race have to do with it? Why do you feel a need to play the race card? My experience with those who inexplicably play the race card is that their argument is otherwise bankrupt. In this instance, race has no place. The fact is that we both have wants: she wants money, and I want the company of a pretty Thai lady. End of story. On the topic of monetary compensation, whatever deal a bargirl and punter have negotiated is between them. If she is content with the compensation she is being given, it is not a matter for the meddling of others.

“Is it a victimless industry when a prostitute or a john gets a venereal disease? The cost of care for someone with HIV/AIDS is a burden to any healthcare system and yours and my tax dollars/euros/baht.”

Are STD’s limited to the naughty nightlife industry in Thailand? Can we not reduce or even come close to eliminating the chance for the spread of STD’s by proper precautions? Is a person who contracts VD or HIV from a bargirl any more unfortunate or much different from an individual who contracts such a disease in a different way? Gecko: I hope you’re not a lawyer. Your arguments hold no water whatsoever. ER, e-hem, maybe I should stand corrected on this one. The idiotic arguments by trial lawyers in the US are frequently successful in convincing gullible, mush-minded jurors that a crime has been committed. Yeah, I guess you got me on that one.

Bottom line: people are people. We all have wants and needs. It’s a material world. People will choose that profession which most suits them with their inborn, genetic abilities and limitations. Water seeks its own level. It is a fact that men were born with a sex drive. Excepting getting ones’ nuts cut off, nothing is going to change this. Women have been aware of this since time immemorial. Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and it will continue to thrive as long as humans inhabit the Earth. I would venture to say that positive things do come of it, such as the fact that some men who have no other outlet for sex have an alternative in going to Thailand to avail themselves of the services of bargirls. If this were not available, who knows what they would do? Rape? It’s not too hard to believe. Prostitution serves as an outlet for those who have no other reasonable alternative for having sex. And as has been pointed out, we all pay for it in some way anyway, whether or not the woman is “officially” a prostitute! For everything there is a cost; there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Also, who would deny that even those who have alternatives might still choose the services of bargirls?! Properly handled, such activities offer the joys of sex without the commitment of a relationship. To each his own. The naughty nightlife scene in Thailand also provides them with other niceties that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

Oh, and one last thing for Mr Gecko: how ‘bout you & me have a beer sometime, cowboy? Yee-Haaa....  

Stickman's thoughts:

Seems like a fair argument to me!

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